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This 13 year old student needs your support to fight blood cancer

The cheerful and fun-loving 13-year-old Harish was diagnosed with cancer a year back. He fought like a hero and when he just began to live the normal life that he wished for, the cancer relapsed. The battle has begun again now, leaving all his family and friends in despair.

Harish is in class 9 now. A year back, he had a high fever and his eyes were swollen. In the next few days, his weight reduced drastically. His parents Satish and Lakshmi rushed him to a hospital and heard the words "your son has cancer". They were totally devastated.Cancer relapsed within few months of his recovery.

 He stayed at home for a month to recover from the impact of chemotherapy and started school in September. He was thrilled to meet his friends again and worked hard to catch up on the missed lessons. After a very small period of rest, cancer relapsed again this January. Harish is totally exhausted and the very thought of starting chemo cycles and hospital-stays haunts him.

"I'm overwhelmed by what a wonderful boy he is. Throughout his treatment last year, he never once complained. I think the strength to fight comes from faith and my son believes in us. I don't know how to tell him that his father may not be able to save him again." - Satish

This time, his cancer is back and even more aggressive. Only a bone-marrow transplant can help him survive. Without that he has very low chance of beating cancer. Unfortunately, no one in his family is not a matching donor and they are looking for an unrelated donor. The expense, the uncertainty and the risk involved in it are huge yet his parents are determined to save him at any cost.
The speed with which the disease took hold of him is terrible. The sickness and pain he endures daily are heartbreaking. We can't start with the chemotherapy until we are ready for the bone-marrow transplant. Just because we don't have money we are forced to see him in constant pain and suffering. We are helpless and guilt is killing me every minute." - Lakshmi

The nightmare continues for the family and Harish needs his parents and his younger brother by his side now more than ever. Harish is like a shadow of his former self - less sure that he will make it. His parents are very worried about the psychological impact of his relapse. Harish always had a lot of dreams. But now the fear and pain are very visible in his eyes.

Satish used to work in a private travel agency for a meager salary. He is the sole breadwinner of the family. He also has to support his elderly mother, a survivor of breast cancer. He is both physically and emotionally exhausted. He is from Chengalpattu and travels to CMC, Vellore, for the routine check-ups and chemotherapy every second day. He is scared that he might lose his son but he hides his pain and fear to give strength to his family.

Satish has no source of income now. He has been running from pillar to post to arrange money for the transplant but the inability to do so has hit him hard. He knows no matter how much he asks for help he'll not be able to arrange the money in time. Search for the matching related donor, bone marrow transplant, medications, and chemotherapy will cost him Rs 30-50 lakhs. Satish and Lakshmi need your help to save their little boy's life.

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9th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support.

With inexplicable grief, we're having to inform you all that Harish passed away.

He underwent a bone marrow marrow transplant and I was the donor for my son. But unfortunately, his body did not accept the transplant and he started developing infections which gradually became severe. His white blood cell and the red blood cell counts kept plummeting and even after providing the best medical care possible, we couldn't save him.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive.

Harish's father
24th April 2018
Dear supporters,

Here is an update on Harish's health.

The bone marrow transplant has been done on Friday (20 Apr 2018) @ 4.00 pm and procedure took 30 minutes.  He is under close observation. Yesterday onwards (23 Apr 2018) they started cemo for 2days. As a side effect he is suffered from vomit and urinal infection. He is unable to take solid food past 4 days.  As he is on close observation only Mother or Father allowed to enter with full covered dress with mask as due to Harish's low immunity. Harish require AB Positive Platelets on urgent basis. Kindly share it to  your friends and relatives.

Thank you
Save Harish
19th April 2018
Dear supporters,

Today, I have donated blood cells for my son, Harish.
The procedure started around started 09.30 am and finished by 11.30 am. The quantity was 120 ml only. Now I'm fine, Doctors have suggested that the transplant will happen by tomorrow afternoon. We will keep you all posted.

Thank you for your support up till now, please pray for my Son.

Thank  you!
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Praying for his speedy recovery

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Small contribution from my side, I will pray for Harish, he is going to get well soon.

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