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Even The Sight Of Injections Makes This Cancer Patient Tremble In Fear
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7-year-old Shaik Minhaz never liked coming to hospitals, even for a regular health check-up. The sterile hospital environment, complete with the smell of medicines and floor cleaner wafting in the air always made her feel nauseous. Worst of all, she feared injections. But now this poor child is admitted in the cancer ward and has to get painful injections on a daily basis.

“When she sees the nurse coming towards her, she starts shaking in fear. We reassure her that it will only hurt like an ant’s bite, but she does not budge. At the end, we have to forcefully hold her down for the nurse to give her the injection. My poor child doesn’t know that her life is in danger and these injections and medicines are essential to keeping her alive. On one side, we can’t bear watching my daughter in distress and on the other, we are struggling to arrange money to save her,”- Meera, mother.

‘She used to get regular fevers, but we never imagined it was due to cancer’

An energetic little girl, Minhaz was always excited about everything in her life – from going to school to playing with her 3-year-old baby sister Mahi. She also loved standing in front of the mirror and playing ‘dress-up’ like other girls her age. She was fine and seemingly healthy, except she used to suffer from recurrent fevers from the past few months. Whenever her parents gave her medicines, she would be alright. But last month, she suffered from high fever for over 20 days straight. No medicine was helping her. Finally, blood tests revealed that she had acute blood cancer.

“We were shocked…she ate well, slept well, how could she have cancer? There were no warning signs either except for the fevers. I feel guilty for ignoring them now,”-Meera, mother

Even when she’s weak, she does her homework believing she can go back to school soon

A grade 1 student, Minhaz loves studying – she always manages to stand in the top three ranks in class. Last month, she had to miss a lot of classes due to which she missed doing her homework. She has been trying to complete it since then, even when she is weak and frail in her hospital bed.

An old photo of Minhaz in school uniform

“‘I have to do cursive writing or teacher will shout at me. I have to by-heart that poem in English’ she tells us. She is not feeling well, but she does not let it affect her passion for studying. My poor baby thinks this hospital stay is temporary and we will take her home soon,”-Ramjan, father

This father has been struggling to keep up with his daughter’s treatment costs, needs your help    

Shaik Ramjan Babu works as an attender in a government office in Sattenapalle, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.  He earns Rs 23,000 which is just enough to take care of his family needs and his children’s school fees. He’s never been able to save a paisa in his life and now he’s paying the price for it – his daughter is battling cancer and there is no way he can keep up with expenses.

“I got a little over a lakh from the government as medical allowance. But I need 8 lakhs for her treatment – she needs chemotherapy for over two years and currently she needs to be in the hospital for 6 months at a stretch. I don’t have the money to even rent a room for a day here. What will I do? Please help me,”-Ramjan
With your kind help, this helpless father will be able to save his daughter from deadly cancer

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