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What is Sashaktikaran?

Sashaktikaran means empowerment. We at Sashaktikaran envision to provide an empowering education to all children in Rajasthan. We strongly believe, education will empower our children to make a well informed choice in their life and do what their heart speaks. We will work towards this vision by providing this education in schools in Rajasthan through teachers.

What do we mean by an education that empowers?

According to our vision an empowering education stands on three pillars. And if all three are build in coordination with one another since early childhood, we believe that the  child will grow up as an individual capable of making intelligent and informed choices and will have the courage to follow his dreams.
The three pillars of an empowering education are:

  • Holistic Curriculum -  There will be nine aspects covered in curriculum from primary to grade 5th. They will be: English, Maths, Hindi, General awareness, Dance, Music, Sports, Art. All aspects will be given equal importance and will be graded equally so that a kid in the school feels empowered to explore what he/she really wants to do.
  • Life Skills - Life skills are skills that help us manage and live a better quality of life. There are four most important skills that any individual should have in order to lead a successful and efficient life. Experiences will be created to endow kids with the following skills: Critical Thinking Skills, Expression with confidence, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Skills and Organization and Time Management Skills.
  • Values and Mindsets - There will be seven core values by which we will work and the very same values we will imbibe in our children. The seven most important values are: Respect, Gratitude, Empathy, Perseverance, Sewa , Ownership, Excellence.

What do we do?

Our mission is to create transformational schools through transformational teachers.We will ensure that students avail the best of education by developing our capacity in teachers. Teachers are greatly invested in their students to facilitate learning, provided they receive support and motivation. If teachers understand the importance of the work they do, and are valued for their efforts, can transform their student’s life. In turn, our teachers will have developed and assumed their roles as mentors, leaders and innovators. We recruit dedicated teachers from our very own city, to be trained over a period of a month. We will work together with the teachers we recruit as well as school teachers, and bring our mission to life.

Year 2017

This year we are associating with a low income private school- Geeta Ashram in Jaipur. Geeta Ashram has so graciously granted us to work with the students in their primary section to enhance and facilitate learning. Our goal is to provide students with an encouraging school and classroom culture, providing 175 students with six trained teachers to support them in their journey of becoming a mentor and a leader. Our belief is that every child deserves an education that empower him/ her; irrespective of their socio-economic background. With this in mind, we have envisioned our mission at Geeta Ashram. Through highly motivated and committed teachers, and innovative teaching-learning interventions; we aim to make the process of learning joyful, as well as, impactful.

Since this is our first year in our operation and its a low income private school, we will need funds for sustaining ourselves for at least one whole year. The school has agreed to provide us the infrastructure but we have to take care of student funds, stationary, audio and visual learning in the school, classroom aids, experiential field visits and teacher salary.

In the long term, we plan to make the school self sustainable but for few years we need funds. We are currently looking for funding partners who share our vision for an empowering education for every individual, and are able to support us in our mission to transform schools through transformational teachers. If your beliefs are allligned to our belief please click on the donate button and contriubute to the cause.

Our budget for the coming year can be found below.

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