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I am pledging my bangalore marathon to bring Light to 50 girl children at Baale Mane

Why am I fundraising?

The Baale Mane home is based in a village on the outskirts of Bangalore City. Due to poor and irregular power supply, the home faces regular and long power cuts. This affects the daily runnings of the home, especially at night. Poor lighting, means that the children and staff often have to work and study by candlelight!

The Baale Mane is also very concious of running the home efficiently, at the lowest costs with long-term solutions. A Solar Panel is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of sourcing energy and lighting up the home at night!

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The money will be used wholly towards the buying and installment of a Solar Panel at the Baale Mane . This will have a host of postive effects on the daily routines and runnings of the home for 50 girls.


What Is The Baale Mane?

The Baale Mane (Baale Mane means “Girls’ home”) at Gopalapura is a home situated on the outskirts of the city of Bangalore, India, for around 50 girls between the ages of 6 and 18 .The Baale Mane Trust aims to nurture and resource girl children, to lead a self-sustaining adult life.

What Is Their Focus?

The Baale Mane is dedicated to the care of girls from vulnerable backgrounds such as, orphans, others have a single parent who is unable to care for them and many have experienced child labour, domestic violence, street dwelling and abandonment. Unlike many other children’s homes, Baale Mane aims to provide girls from disadvantaged backgrounds long-term support in an environment that resembles a home, not a hostel.

Care at Baale is focused on the four principles of the 1989 UN Convention on the rights of the child; survival, protection, development and participation. Special emphasis is given to education and informal learning such as art, drama, dance and cultural activities.

s it a Registered NGO?

Yes! We are a registered charitable trust, and our number is RJN-4-00211-2007-8 
Donations are also eligible for tax relief under Section 80G 

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3rd March 2016
Dear Supporters,
I visited Baale Mane at Gopalapura a few days ago to review their progress and the impact they have been able to create through the installation of solar panels. It is a home for disadvantaged and abandoned girl children, located on the outskirts of Bangalore. They provide a healthy and secure home environment to all girl children and enable them to lead self-sustaining adult lives. What I witnessed at the home was inspiring. I met with Mary Chinappan, the managing trustee, and Tiggy Allen, the public engagement coordinator at Baale Mane. The stories that they told me were powerful. Young girls, who would have otherwise had no other option, are now moving towards a path of growth and success.
The girls in the home come from varied backgrounds. There are orphaned children who would have otherwise ended up on the streets. There are children who have made their way out of child labor. Then there are children from broken families who have lived in unsafe conditions. Once rescued, they were sent to Baale Mane.
Baale Mane started off by supporting the girls till their 10th standard, and then till 12th standard. However, at present, they ensure to support them till they get jobs and become financially independent. They also to a limited extent support about 25 alumni from Baale Mane in Bangalore. These girls have seamlessly adjusted to their independent lives in the city.
Girls as young as 8-10 years old come to Baale Mane, and the place helps them grow into independent and responsible citizens. However, they need to undergo the transition of moving from Baale Mane, a protected environment into the real world. The onus of preparing them for the realities of the world is on Baale Mane. They prepare the girls for a better future by ensuring that the girls focus on building their careers. Right from dance, theatre, arts, crafts and soft skills training, Baale Mane addresses all the needs of the girls for their holistic development. They also prepare the girls for college. Many girls from the home have been able to complete their B.Com successfully. Some girls even pursue vocational courses to build a career in that arena. The girls are powerful change-makers and their stories need to be known.
Irregular power supply and long power cuts have acted as the biggest obstacle for Baale Mane in running their home efficiently.  Thanks to the solar panels, the girls can now carry out their daily routines, and live relatively hassle-free lives. Baale Mane was able to raise funds for the six solar panels through Milaap. Now, all the panels have been installed - the solar power is, undoubtedly, acting as a boon for the home. I have attached some photos of the solar panels below.

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