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"It takes a village to raise a child" 
About the location: "Koyambedu always hogs the limelight for its CMBT Bus Stop and Market, but many have not realized there is a huge population whose livelihood depends on the same. Hailing from different parts of Tamil Nadu and struggling to make ends meet, education is yet another distant dream for these families. Some of us have been working with these kids for quite some time .Looking at what they are capable of is nothing short of brilliance. Their roots hails from troubled families and most of them have not seen the world past their street. It is not fair to blame fate for their misfortunes. "
Unfortunately, our 72 grade 6 students are learning to read in a classroom that is not conducive for learning and the kids are continuously exposed to a lot of violence from their immediate surrounding.

To counter this and to make kids find their own purpose of learning, Sindhuja and I, as Teach for India fellows, are working towards a theory of change that will build student investment. We need your support to help our kids find their own 'Why' of learning.  

We need support towards the following.

16 Wooden tables at Rs.5000 each
At present students sit on the floor and use bed sheets we have provided. Being a temporary fix, it still is inconvenient and not sufficient.  Each table will accommodate 6 students and  will also serve as an enabler for team  exercises.
Rs. 30,000
2Window Panes
During noon time when the mid day meals are cooked, most of the smoke from the burning woods comes into one of our class room (The campaigner's class). The solution we could think of was to have panes for our open windows. The iron welder gave a quote of Rs.37000 for this work. We are looking for alternative materials to bring down this cost.
Rs. 37,000

3Water dispenser in class room
The entire school does not have a  water drinking facility. With summers coming, this is a urgent need to keep kids in our classroom hydrated. We want to get a plastic dispenser and bottled 20 L water bottles.
Rs. 3000
4Class Maintenance and cleanliness
 Students in both our classroom clean their own classroom in turns. This cost is towards supplies of brooms, mops and materials.
Rs. 2000
5First aid kits/ Emergency doctor visit/ Sanitary pads

Rs. 2000
1ACADEMICS: Reading Comprehension +
Samacheer worksheets
 Students of grade 6 should be at the Reading comprehension(RC) level of 5.5.  The class average of our 73 kids is at a 2. We are working to improve this. This is towards the cost of printouts for the RC workbooks.
Samacheer: Towards printouts for Formative assessments and Individual Practice.
Rs. 12,800+ Rs. 6000
2 ACADEMICS: Student portfolios
Towards building student investment as many of our children are first generation learners. Will include subject trackers and weekly synthesis sheets.
Rs. 7,200

Access and exposures
1Drama WorkshopWe are looking to signup our kids for a series of 7 drama workshops which in our theory of change is one of the agent to counter violence amongst children. The theatre artist has experience dealing with students with traumatic backgrounds and is willing to host the first workshop free. This estimate will only be met when the other higher priority purposes are met. Rs. 10,000
2Mini-Table Tennis table, raquets and ballsMini Table Tennis Table, Racquets and Balls. Our school does not have a playground. The idea is to use sports as a means to tackle the violence in the community. Table Tennis is the only sport in which I can professionally mentor my kids with the basics. The mini table will be placed inside our classroom.
3Jenga and dominoesJenga and Dominoes for PT periods. The existing board games are in a dilapidated condition. These two would also help build 'zen' or 'focus' mode.Rs.1000
4FoldscopeFoldscope is an origami based microscope available at a dollar which can be build by the kids in our class room. We want to pre-order the 20 Foldscope Basic Classroom Kit (pre-order) to keep up with the scientific curiosity in our students.Rs.2100

Rs. 1,18,100
100% of the money donated would directly be used for the designated expense listed above. Anything additional would also be used for the students such as buying books, stationary etc.

I and my co-fellow Sindhuja will be solely in charge of it.  For more details on Teach for India (TFI) and its fellowship program, please visit

Thank You
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15th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

This update has been long over due. First of all, thank you very much for supporting us and making this fundraiser a successful one. I feel a great sense of responsibility upon my shoulder to make sure we bring the maximum utility from this raised fund.

Over this month, we have started working on developing a Collective, contextual Vision for our kids by interacting with various stake holders to ensure all their voices and the student's needs (more than our wants for them) are met. This will be the guiding page to fall back to ensure what our students say, do and believe are alligned.

Vision Statement (Rough Draft): Students will be creative, collaborative, respectful critical thinkers who will strive for excellence to help others. [Your inputs are most welcome]

We had also temporarily renovated our classroom's backwall. We have identified PaintBox who are willing to send volunteers to paint our back wall during summers.

We have of PoA for the summer vacation [Which starts next week]. The summer vacation time will be a crucial time for us for major renovation in the classroom so that we can start strong next year. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Thank You!

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