This Haryana Sweeper's 2-year-old Daughter May Die Even If She Speaks

It’s difficult to get Pihu to stay still or sit in one place. She's a toddler. She wants to discover the world. However, everything she does, talking, crawling, walking, or even sitting up for a while makes her turn blue. She cries out of pain. She even began having persistent fevers and loose motion. Pinki and I knew this was not normal and we rushed her to the doctor only to find out that even her baby babbles might end up killing her.

My name is Avinash and I sweep the streets of Haryana. Even in our extended family, we have very few girls. So when we Pihu was born, the celebrations did not end for weeks.

There is not a moment that we see Pihu without a smile. Her waves of laughter light up our little home and it feels that we have all the happiness on earth. She used to play with my wife and I the entire day. Unfortunately, 5 months ago, we noticed she was not only exhausted after playing but also blue. Yes, her skin, nails and lips turned blue.

Everything that Pihu does is taking her closer to death

We could not believe the report. Pinki kept screaming at the doctor, telling him to give us a different diagnosis. Pihu was born with a heart defect. There is a big hole in the wall that separates the two sides of the heart. This causing pure and impure blood to mix, reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches her organs including the brain. Normally, this heals as the child grows. Pihu's hole has only gotten bigger over time and it will kill her if we do not patch it soon.

It feels like her life is ending even before it begins

We wondered why Pihu did not begin speaking early like other children. Her defect has impacted her brain. She cannot even express her pain though she is living with it every second. She starts gasping for breath even if she speaks. The only way she can tell us she is in pain is by falling silent, completely. Pihu does not eat anymore. Even swallowing hurts her heart.

We never expected to be in this situation

I am sole breadwinner in the family. After my father passed, my mother's health deteriorated. I have been taking care of her and my younger brother's education. With Pinki and Pihu, the expenses shot up. We could manage, but now, I think I'll fail to save my child because of my financial situation.

How you can help

In 5 months, I spent everything I had to save my baby. The medicines are just keeping her alive, but not for long. She needs an urgent open heart surgery to fix that hole. I am afraid Pihu's silence will ring through this house if we cannot get the money soon. Pihu’s heart will stop any moment without the urgent surgery. The estimated cost of surgery is Rs. 3.2 Lakhs. Our only option is to request the world to help us save our child.

Your contribution can save this little girl and gift Pihu a pain-free life.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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4th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. We couldn't have imagined doing this without you.

Pihu is currently weak and usually always tired. Her surgery will be scheduled soon. Until then, she is going to be on medication. The doctors have advised a healthy diet to improve her appetite and to be able to carry on with scheduling her operation.

We hope to see her recover fast and live a happy life ahead. Please keep praying for her and supporting the family.


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Bless you beta g

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Get Well Soon.

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