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Fundraising to make a green mapping and planting trees
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I am very happy. And I am disgusted. I am happy because we are as a generation are very aware. We know everything which is happening around us. We are very sympathetic. We feel sad for the destruction and injustice happening around us. That is good.

I am also disgusted. Because we do NOTHING about it. Well, most of us. What do you think is worse? Ignorance or indifference? We as a generation know everything but we do nothing.

We all “like” and share pictures on facebook about the destruction happening around us. What else are we doing about it? Most of us “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”. All of us think that one person can’t make a difference. If Jadav Payeng, “The Forest Man of India” can single handedly plant more than a 1000 hectares of forest, I am sure we as a group can do at least half that. He made a difference and I want to invite like-minded people to make a difference.

Well, I am one of you and I am trying to change it. I have till now seen the trees disappear and have felt sad. I miss standing in the shade on a hot day. I miss running to the cover of a tree when it starts pouring. I don’t want to miss them anymore and I am going to do something about it and I have found a group of people who want to do the same.

We have started small by planting a few sapling but to make even a little difference, we have to do something big. We want to plant 100,000 trees across the country in some of the driest regions and undo the destruction we have caused. We can’t do it alone. We want your support. We want the support of people living in these regions. And more importantly, we need the resources. Yes. Money matters.

Unlike most CSR activities and PR stunts where once the cameras disappear, nobody knows what happened, this is a measured campaign. We believe in “what gets measured, grows”. In addition to our regular field audits, we will also use google maps to monitor the increase in green cover.

We invite you all to join us in this campaign to make the world a little more green. So, loosen up your purse string, take out a little time and let us together make a difference.

Help the cause and be the cause.

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