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Even Heavy Doses Of Chemotherapy Aren't Enough To Save This 7-Year-Old
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Manya can barely turn to the other side of the bed, she lies there crying in pain. Her mother, Mamatha is careful while holding her. Even the mother's touch is painful for this 7-year-old who is suffering from a deadly cancer. Her parents thought they will lose her when she suffered a massive cardiac arrest but she came back. She wants to live! But her poor parents are without any help to save their little girl's life.

Little Manya cannot move a limb without feeling pain anymore. Her whole body is so swollen that the doctors cannot find a healthy vein in her body anymore. Her mother tries to comfort her, but her loving embraces only hurt her more. Chemotherapy cannot kill her cancer cells anymore, she needs a life-saving bone marrow surgery. All Manya can do now is lie in the hospital bed, waiting for a miracle to save her because her parents have exhausted all their financial options.  

Manya's body started bruising all of a sudden

Manya loved going to school with her twin sister Manvi. She was the teacher’s pet and did extremely well in every school activity until she started getting unexplained blue-coloured bruises one day.

Manya, before cancer turned her life upside-down

We couldn’t understand how she would get bruising like this because it was present all over her body. To add to it, she started complaining of poor eyesight. She told us that she was not able to view the blackboard in class even from a short distance anymore. It really concerned us and we did not wait to take her to a specialist”-Rajendra Prasad, father

When their sweet 7-year-old girl was diagnosed with deadly cancer, her parents’ world came crashing down

Routine blood tests conducted gave away the fact that little Manya had acute blood cancer. She had to be put on chemo urgently. Her father, Rajendra Prasad, did not have enough money for the first cycle. He was forced to borrow money to make sure his daughter got chemotherapy. The family had to shift from Ranchi to Mumbai for treatment immediately.

“I had been struggling in life before the birth of my two angels. It was only after they came into my life that I even got a decent job. They were very lucky for me. And now, one of them might not make it. My wife and I cannot believe that something like this could happen to someone like Manya who always put others’ needs before her”-Rajendra Prasad tears up thinking about the fate of his daughter.

Three cycles of chemo couldn't heal her; she even suffered a massive cardiac arrest that landed her in a critical state in the ICU

Manya started chemo in July 2017, as soon as she was diagnosed. She underwent three cycles of chemotherapy and was actually responding well to the treatment. Her mother never left her side and her father worked hard to make sure that his daughter would be alright soon. But as fate would have it, her cancer relapsed just a few months later. Now, it had become more intense than ever.

Nothing can help Manya recover except a bone marrow transplant

She even suffered a cardiac arrest and was admitted in the ICU – that’s how sick she got. We thought we had lost her that day itself. From that day onwards, her condition has become very critical. The doctors say that only a bone marrow transplant can save her”-Mamatha

“She asks me to bring Manvi to the hospital, but I give her excuses all the time. The doctors have told us that bringing Manvi to hospital is not really advisable as she can catch infections fast and seeing her sister in this state might be traumatic. Manvi thinks Manya has fever. They were so close, always together. Now, all we are praying for is Manya’s recovery. I cannot afford it, but I am sure we will find a way”-Rajendra Prasad

This family has been through a lot in the last couple of months. On one hand, little Manya’s sickness was getting worse and on the other, Rajendra Prasad was struggling to manage both medical expenses and household expenditure on his scant resources. Moving from Ranchi to Mumbai for treatment has been extremely expensive, and so the family now lives in Pune because it is cheaper in contrast. Manya and Mamatha stay full-time in the hospital while Rajendra takes care of Manvi at home, and makes the up-and-down trip to the hospital every day. Chemotherapy was prolonging Manya's life for so long, but that will not suffice now.

“I work in an IGNOU regional centre, but have been taking a lot of leaves recently. I am lucky I have a job at all. Today, I cannot afford Manya’s expensive surgery. Nobody expects such things in life, and now I am scrambling to arrange funds. Only a bone marrow transplant can save her and it costs around 38 lakhs. We are desperately in need of help”-Rajendra Prasad

How you can help

Even when Manya suffered through a cardiac arrest, she didn't give up. Her body is bruised, swollen and she is suffering each moment. But she made it this far and when a door of hope opened, she cannot walk towards life because there is no money left to save her. This is her last chance and with our support, her parents can save her life. 

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