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Help Us Support 300+ Children From 12 Remote Villages

About Insight Walk
Insight Walk fellowship is a rural movement to ensure children of rural India lead a meaningful life and create a life of passion and purpose. We work with children of age group 6-14 years who are already outside the mainstream education living in the remote villages. 

Our fellows are mothers and elder girls from the village who spend their time with children in understanding them, mentoring them and teaching them life skills.

Why we do, what we do?
343.5 million children from rural India are on the risk of not making a career out of their passion for no fault of theirs! We are here to eliminate what is unfair. Their background should never dictate their destiny. For us, every child deserves a limitless sky!

What is the challenge?
Almost all of our children are forced to work in different capacities to support their family. Most of the children come from broken families and fight social stigmas. Lack of motivation, confidence and a role model is a deeper problem in the communities that we work with. The challenge is to ensure that the dreams that are born in the eyes of these children take wings of possibility!

Where do we work? How do we choose villages/communities? 
Currently we are working in Laxmiwadi village and Sajani village in Maharashtra. This year we plan to move to 10 more villages. 

We identify the most vulnerable communities from rural areas and work directly with children of the age group 6-14 and their parents. Some of the factors we definitely take into consideration are:
• Village with migrant and backward communities (Dalits, National Tribes, Adivasis, etc)
• First generation learning communities
• Villages with no direct access to basic facilities (hospitals, banks, private schools, etc)
• Village/Community whose household income is less than 5-6 thousand per month (main bread winner)
• Village where parents work for 12-14 hours 300+ days a year as casual labourers, farmers or daily wage earners
• Village/Community where girls are not encouraged to go to school beyond primary schooling 

What do we do?
We set up Innovation Lab cum Community Center in the village, where a fellow/teacher works with the most vulnerable children from the village. Our fellows are females (mothers, elder girls who dropped out from college) from the village itself who spend 3-5 hours everyday with children.
At Community Center our major focus is on building life skills via:
• Teaching literacy and building reading and writing skills
• Teaching science and innovation using local resources
• Teaching hobbies to help kids explore their passion
• Focusing on mental well being by sessions conducted by a clinical psychologist

Early successes that we have seen:
While there's a long journey ahead, we have seen many moments that make us proud of all our children and their parents. Some of them include:
• All our children who come at Center in the two villages can now read and write in Marathi (none of them
could read or write when we started)
•All the girls that we are working with are now attending local Government school with an average
attendance of 85% post Diwali
• All our children have student work around their hobby for the last two months
• On an average every child reads 6 books per week from library
• As of 20th December, 2017, 70% parents agree that they will encourage their children to continue studying and exploring their passion

Quick Facts and Statistics
  • Cost per child per month: Rs. 75
  • Cost per family per month: Rs. 60
  • Children learn life skills via sustainable living using only local resources
  • Children currently at Laxmiwadi and Sajani villages are exploring their skills and passions by cultivating hobby, making models and prototypes, exploring nature, interacting with villagers and local craftsmen 
Why Are We Crowdfunding
  • With crowdfunding platform, we aim to have more and more common people joining the movement and supporting children in their journey
  • We want to create opportunities for people where they can contribute small amount consistently over a period of time and see the change coming alive in the children 
Student Archive From Our Villages
Children learnt about soil erosion using locally available resources

Children made nests after a nature observation class

A child designed a model of automatic cleaning car for the village

Children learning about soil and its properties

Check Regular Updates of Our Journey
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15th January 2018
Dear family,
Thank you for your constant support. With these funds, we will be setting up Innovation Lab in Laxmiwadi village. The lab will ensure all the kids coming at Community Center will have resources to learn science and innovation, practise their hobbies and work on their reading and writing skills. A part of this contribution will also be used to buy books for the library for innovation lab.

I am happy to share a few important updates with you all:
1. We have successfully started parent intervention program in Laxmiwadi where two Sundays of every month parents of children will spend time with our clinical psychologist in creating safe space for children back at home.

2. All our children can now read and write in Marathi. This is huge and parents are already appreciating this.

3. Children have started innovating using local resources and applying their learning. Please find below an image of JCB kids made using local resources to demonstrate hydraulics system.

We shall continue to send you updates regarding the progress.

Thank you.
29th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Sharing a few pictures from our innovation lab in making. This lab is being designed by kids and villagers.

Learning about shapes and rigidity of shapes using matchsticks and valves

A bird feeder

A water purifier prototype which can be installed in lake to purify water

Thank you for your continued support. :)
26th October 2017
Dear supporters,

Our kids have started building their passion box by spending their time exploring their interests and skills. Sharing a few experiments, prototypes and models designed by a few kids in the journey of exploring their passions.

By December each kid will present their passion box to their villagers and later will be paired with local mentors and craftsmen who then will help them apply their passions to solve real life problems.


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