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You Can Help This 24-Year-Old Orphan Survive A Terrible Accident
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    Sumesh Subodh Sawant

    from Mumbai City, Maharashtra

"Sumesh is terrible at looking out for himself. If he had 10 rupees in his pocket for food, and a friend came along and asked for money, he would gladly give it away without a second thought. He is that amazing. He deserves to live. We need all the help we can get to save him." - Shantanu (Friend)

On the night of 11th April, while returning home from community work, Sumesh met with a major accident. It was dark on the road, and he had to react in a split second when a watchman appeared out of nowhere. To avoid colliding, he swerved, skid, and fell. Sumesh has major head injuries and multiple fractures. He has been on life-support and needs multiple surgeries to survive. His friends are trying to raise funds for his medical expenses.

Football helped him, and through that, he helps other children

While he has a full-time job as an Airport Representative, Sumesh dedicated his whole life to work for underprivileged children. He created a holistic community with the help of Reclink Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, to reach out to children of various backgrounds and has worked tirelessly to provide them with work opportunities, personality building through sports and a platform to hone their skills and talents.

"Sports helped Sumesh get over the pain of losing his family. He played Australian rules football in the community. That's how we know each other. He made a lot of friends. It changed his life. It gave him the exposure and motivation to create a better life for himself. He wanted to share the same experience with those kids. Often he conducts programs at municipal schools in the city where he encourages children to get involved in sports, especially football." - Shantanu

Sumesh is determined to live, and it shows in his recovery

On 13th April, Sumesh had two surgeries. His skull had sunken on impact, and it has been fixed to avoid putting more pressure on the brain. His right eye was restored to its proper position. The doctors say he will regain 99% of his sight, with just slight impairment like blurry vision. He is being fed through a tube. On 18th, he showed positive signs of recovery. He was awake, lucid, aware of surroundings and able to recognize people. He is also undergoing physiotherapy. However, he still needs the ventilator when he is sedated.

"He lost his parents when he was just 5 years old. Nobody knows how. We never spoke about it. Our families were never very close. We were strangers to him. He stayed at a neighbor’s house and eventually she became his family. She is an elderly woman who cannot travel. We are here at the hospital with him. As he grew up, we got better acquainted. He takes care of his cousins. He lives for others and today, we are not able to save his life.” – Sunil Patil, Distant Relative

He has always taken care of others; it is time for us to take care of him

Sumesh still needs several surgeries and has a long road of recovery ahead of him. He is a beautiful soul and deserves to live a full life without any deficits. His friends have all contributed and raised funds. However, the bills are piling up. He still needs Rs. 20 lakhs for further treatment.

“Sumesh has no immediate family to look after him and at this age he barely has any savings to sustain the costs for his own survival. He was more bothered about pouring all he had into community work. All of his other friends and colleagues too, are trying their best to help him out. Please help him, he needs all of our help.” - Sumesh’s friend.

Your contribution can save Sumesh's life.

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