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3 Year Old Begs Her Mother To Stop The Pain But She Can't
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She was 6 months old but she looked nothing like her age. It was as if she wasn’t even growing. That’s when Shivanya’s parents got worried. They didn’t waste any time and took her to a doctor.

“The doctor told us that she has a hole in her heart. I couldn't even think that something like this would happen to my child. Whatever medicines they gave, we used but it didn’t seem to work at all. And it was only after so many more hospital visits, we found out that her heart was fine but that wasn't all... she was suffering from a dangerous disease" - Sujata, mother

Shivanaya’s body does not produce enough hemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen in the body. For which, she is having blood transfusions every now and then. But soon there will be a point where her body won't support the transfusion anymore. Due to these regular transfusions, her body will accumulate excess iron which will affect all her vital organs and will be fatal.

"Even the treatment that we are giving is harming her. Her only cure is a bone marrow transplant and I just... I am unable to afford it." -Sagar

Why don’t you send me to school?

 Because of her disease, little Shivanaya has never been able to go out and play. She watches others go to school and dreams of going there herself one day. The little one doesn’t know why she is denied a normal childhood.

“Even a little delay in her transfusions worsens her condition. She becomes weak, turns pale and has a high fever. How can we risk sending her to school alone? How can we let her go outside and play?”- Sujata, mother

I’ll die of pain, mummy please stop it

Shivanya cries at the sight of medicines and syringes. It is obvious. She is too young to go through all this. She has been visiting hospitals all throughout her childhood.

Once, she said that she will die of pain. It was heartbreaking to hear such a thing from our own child. I felt so helpless and couldn’t help crying then. All I want is an end to my daughter’s suffering.”- Sujata

She needs urgent transplant and I’ve no money
“I have mortgaged my belongings. Borrowed money from friends and family. Used all my savings. I have done everything but it is yet not enough to save my daughter. She needs the transplant and I...” -Sagar

Sagar doesn’t earn much from his job as a daily wager and feeds a family of 5. Having already spent around 3 lakhs, he can’t afford 25 lakhs for the transplant. You’re their only hope.

Blood transfusions are not enough for this 3-year-old, her only hope at getting better is the transplant

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