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12-year-old Unaware Of His Cancer Believes Lord Perumal Will Help
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12-year-old Ghana Shyam is a deeply pious boy. At the hospital where he has occupied a bed since Nov 11th last year, doctors find it difficult to convince him to eat. “Today I am fasting for Perumal. I cannot eat,” he says. Chemotherapy has taken a toll on his body yet it has not broken his faith in God. He prays to go back home to his mother and sister. Unfortunately, he is unaware that he is fighting cancer.

'I think it is our ignorance and fate that has put him here'

Ghana Shyam had a high fever at the end of October. It terribly weakened him. It was only when he woke up with blood in his mouth and vomited his guts out, that his parents took him to the hospital. During a blood test, a doctor intervened when Ghana Shyam did not clot for over 10 minutes after his blood was drawn. 

“He immediately sent us for a full scan. Within hours we heard those words - Ghana Shyam has blood cancer. It can spread fast, and he needed to get admitted immediately for treatment.” - Balakrishnan

'My son is just skin and bones; I doubt he will recognize himself'

Ghana Shyam is another name for Lord Perumal. The religious family named their son after the God they worship. They never thought that he would grow up to dedicate his life to his namesake. They never imagined that the same God would put him through this suffering.

"He keeps saying Perumal will send help and get him out of this prison. The hospital feels like jail to him because he cannot see his mother, or sister, or even step out of that room. We don't even let him see the mirror because he is now just skin and bones. He won't even recognize his reflection. The chemotherapy cycles are working. We just need help to finish the treatment." - Balakrishnan

'He is his sister's strength, the only reason she is sane'

It was a very tough decision for Shyam's mother, Pechiammal to stay in their Tirupur home instead of going with her son to the hospital in Coimbatore. None of her relatives were willing to care for her deaf and mute older daughter, Muthu Yogalakshmi. Shyam had never been separated from his mother and sister before.

“Shyam understands his sister better than any of us. He helps her with school work, and keeps her away from ridicule in the town. She has not seen him since November. She cries for him and throws things around the house when we refuse to take her to the hospital."  - Pechiammal

You can be Shyam's God and save him from this disease

According to Shyam, weight loss caused the fever and bleeding. He needs these injections to help him gain weight and get healthy.

“I had to stop going to work. I have sold even my wife's jewels for his treatment. I have borrowed over Rs. 6 lakhs so far from friends. It has been 2 weeks and they expect me to return the money. People see our fundraiser and come inquiring if everything is ok. Nobody is really ready to help.”

Balakrishnan needs Rs. 8 lakhs to continue Shyam’s treatment. He hopes you can be Shyam’s God and save him from cancer.

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