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Her Husband Died In Front Of Her Eyes And Now Her Daughter Can Too
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"When my husband had a heart attack right in front of my eyes, I couldn't do anything. In just a minute...I became a widow and my kids were fatherless. Now Sanchi, my daughter, has cancer and I'm having anxiety attacks at the thought of losing her too. I couldn't save my husband because there was no time but for Sanchi...she can be saved but I have no money for her treatment."- Rupali, mother 

At first, they thought she has COVID instead of cancer

Sanchi's face and legs had started swelling in April. At this age, she would feel tremendous pain in her knees and back. Due to the high fevers, she would hardly feel like tasting any food. At one point, her appetite reduced so much that she had to be given 4 units of saline. Most local doctors advised her to isolate thinking she had COVID but when it persisted for a month, they got her checked further. That's when they find out she has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Blood Cancer).

Sanchi believes if her father was alive, he would have saved her from cancer

Sanchi has only witnessed her mother's struggles after losing her father to a heart attack. Sanchi's father used to dote on her. To be able to fend for themselves, her mother cleans dishes at other people's houses. It was so hard-hitting that when she got to know about her blood cancer, the first thought that came to her mind was not about her health but about the burden of her treatment costs on her single mother.  

"My cancer treatment will go on for half a year or even more. Aai has already spent everything in just one month. I feel helpless to see her beg for money in front of others. I try to hide my pain from her because I don't want to add on to her miseries. Aai never complains but when she oils my hair I can feel the cracks on her rough hands, hardened with washing dishes. If my Baba would've been alive today he wouldn't have let this happen to my Aai and would have saved me."- Sanchi 

Sanchi with her Late Father 

After losing her husband, she can now lose her daughter too

Sanchi needs chemotherapy and radiotherapy amounting to Rs.9,50,000 to recover from her blood cancer, which is aggressively attacking her body. At the young age of 15, she has dealt with the trauma of losing her father and is now being struck with cancer herself. Her mother could only afford her chemo for 2 months which won't be much effective if Sanchi's treatment won't move timely.

"All of Sanchi's sentences start with 'If my Baba was here, he wouldn't let this happen'. It's been 3 years but I can still vividly remember my husband lying motionless in front of me. Now I'm terrified of how this cancer is slowly killing my daughter because she is losing weight drastically and her eyes are getting hollow. When I oil her hair, I can see patches of hair in my hands. We both try to hide it from each other but our tears give it all away."- Rupali, mother 

Rupali has been holding up her strength only for her daughter and son. Due to lockdown, a lot of houses where she worked asked her not to come till Covid-19 settled, significantly dwindling her earnings. She toils the whole day so that her kids can have a secured future. But this future is slipping away from her hands with Sanchi's cancer and now the only thing that can save her daughter is your contribution.

With your help, Sanchi can believe that her late father is still looking over his daughter in distress. Please help Sanchi recover from blood cancer. 

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