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With Swollen Eyes And Bleeding Mouth, 5-Year-Old Fights Deadly Disease
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    child of Bhimrao Waybhase

    from Pune, Maharashtra

Samarth's eyes were swollen and blue in colour - it looked like as if someone has beaten him up. He was bleeding from his mouth. And all of this happened without any warning, he was fine even a few days back. He was admitted in the hospital for 3 days but he didn’t get better. Doctors told us to take him to Pune - they told us that without treatment, our son will die.”- Bibinanda, mother.

His father has been sleeping in the parking lot of the hospital for months

Little Samarth has severe aplastic anemia - his body doesn’t produce enough blood cells. He is highly prone to infections. Bhimrao and Bibinanda got to know about their son’s disease only in January and since then they have been struggling to save him.

“For the last four months, my husband and I have been in the hospital taking care of our 5-year-old son, Samarth. A dangerous blood disease is making him weaker by the day and now only a transplant can save him. My husband has been sleeping in the parking lot, braving the heat and the cold, but our struggle is nothing compared to our son's pain."

He can't even get up from his bed any longer

Bhimrao and Bibinanda were always on their toes running after their two sons - Samarth and Atharva. Both the brothers loved playing together - they would even forget to eat food while they played. The other thing that Samarth really liked was playing games on his father’s mobile.
But now he hardly gets up from the bed. The medicines have made him groggy, he sleeps most of the day. When he is awake he cries out in pain - he just wants to go home. I tell him he will be fine soon but truth be told, I am afraid that I might lose my son.”

We have no money to buy his medicines, how can we afford the transplant?

Bhimrao is a farmer in Chhinchwad, Maharashtra. With no rainfall and zero irrigation facilities, he has hardly been able to grow anything on his farm. All his savings and even the money he had borrowed from his relatives is almost over now. Without help, he won’t be able to arrange 11 lakhs for the bone marrow transplant that could save his son’s life.


“I am begging strangers in the hospital for money to buy food. I can’t even afford my son’s medicines. Everyone I know has already helped me as much as they could. Now I am only depending on your help. My son will not make it without this transplant, please save him.”  

A poor farmer, Bhimrao doesn't have anything left with him to get his son treated. Samarth needs an urgent transplant, a generous contribution from your side can cure this little boy 

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