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He Used To Help His Parents With Work, Now He Can't Even Sit Up
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    from Borivali, Maharashtra

“In February, Roshan complained that he felt extremely cold. We brushed it off like it was nothing. He was feeling cold in the winter months, what’s new in that? We just had him wear some additional layers of clothing and sent him to school. After a few days, the teacher from his school calls us and says that he had severe pain in his legs, stomach and head. We were worried, but never imagined it would be a dangerous disease. He can’t even sit up straight without being in pain now.” – Renu Devi, mother 

He would always help his mother and father at work, now he can’t even sit up

“You see this hunch on his back? It has a lot more to do than just a bad sitting posture. Even when he has to sit after lying down, he needs our support because he is so weak, he cannot do it himself. It is such a drastic change from the boy who would run down the street just so that I never have to carry a bag by myself!” - Renu Devi

Roshan (10) was always running around, getting along with everyone in the village. He would always help his mother carry the groceries and his father with work whenever he wasn't at school. Now, Roshan needs support in sitting up, and sometimes even while changing sides while sleeping. Roshan has aplastic anemia, a blood disease due to which the body stops producing new blood cells. Now only a bone marrow transplant can save him.

As farmers, their greatest fear was the scarcity of rainfall. Who would have thought there could be something that could make their life more hopeless.

"Any farmer in the community makes about Rs 5000-6000 per month. We need lakhs to save Roshan, something we have never even seen. How do I save my son when I have not even been able to earn Rs 1 lakh in over a year! And since we came to Bombay, we have had no income. We stay in an NGO not very far away from the hospital. We are grateful to our family and the hospital..but we still have no way to afford his transplant. Roshan has not been able to eat for the past few days and I fear he is getting worse!” - Sunil, Father of Roshan

They are trying everything in their reach to help their child, but it’s not enough. Roshan, who has always been very responsible, feels terrible watching his parents struggle so much for him. A bone marrow transplant will save his life, but he needs your help.

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