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She Hasn't Eaten In Two Weeks, She's Too Worried About Her Son In ICU
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Since our son’s diagnosis, Pooja has spent every waking moment outside the ICU, hoping to get glimpses of him when doctors go in and out, refusing to step away even for a minute. 
She hasn’t eaten anything in two weeks now, just drinks the water I bring for her. 
At this point, I’m worried about not just my dying son, but my wife as well. If something happens to him, I feel like I’ll lose her too. 
- Ravi, father 

Little Purav was moments away from turning a year old when he got a fever that refused to go away. His frantic parents dutifully took him to their local doctor every day, and bought him whatever medicines he prescribed, but none of them worked. Within days, the fever turned into a racking cough. By the end of the week, Purav started having extreme difficulty breathing

Their 1-year-old son started turning blue 

“We didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting better, and neither did that doctor. But one morning Purav started gasping for air, and the doctor told me this was something his clinic would not be able to handle. The nearly 150km we had to travel to bring him here to this hospital felt like 1500km because my baby... he started turning blue in my arms. By the time we reached, I was terrified that... that we had lost him.” 

Baby Purav has been diagnosed with a lethal lung infection

After getting him the specialized tests available at the much more advanced medical facility, it was discovered that the poor baby has Acute Bronchiolitis, a severe lung infection. This has caused Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and Respiratory Failure. Little Purav had to be put on ventilator support, and let machines breathe for him, because his lungs could no longer take it.

Ravi is at the end of his rope, financially and emotionally

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m a farmer, I work on my neighbors’ farms. I’ve never even dreamed about owning my own land, or even having savings. So I’ve had to borrow lakhs of rupees to get him this far. But the doctors have told me that a few more weeks of treatment is necessary, and that will cost another 5 lakhs! I can’t borrow even 5,000 more. I need help to save my boy!” 

In this time of distress, you are their only remaining ray of hope. Please donate as much as you can, and help save Purav’s life. 

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