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It's Been Over A Week Since This Girl Has Slipped Into A Coma
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“Her laughter was what kept the house alive. Now that she’s in coma, the world seems to have stopped for us all. It has been a week, not a word from her, not a movement. I see the rise and fall of her chest – she’s breathing. That’s the only way I can tell my daughter is still alive!” – Masthanamma, mother.

Little Padmini had Polio 

Years ago, in a joint family of twelve members, a little girl was born. While her aunts and uncles were yearning for a child, she filled the void in all their lives. Padmini is the heart and soul of their house. The baby was a victim of polio. She couldn’t run around like the other kids, but she never complained.  But soon, after her surgery, Padmini could finally walk and their joy knew no bounds. She limped a little, but she’s at least on her own two feet. Life was at its best, till one day, 4-year-old Padmini went into coma.

Diagnosed with a brain-fever, Padmini is in the ICU fighting for life

“She had gone to school, like always. She came back, complaining of fever. Her temperature kept rising. Suddenly, she had seizures. We were shocked. We rushed her to the hospital in our village, and the doctors said they can’t treat her. It was something critical and needs immediate treatment, they said. Scared, we rushed to Chennai and the doctors said she has a viral infection of the brain. A brain-fever. It’s been a week since, and she’s been unconscious. She is so still, that it scares me. What if I won’t ever see her move, again?” – Masthanamma, mother.

With two more weeks of treatment, she can be saved 

Padmini is undergoing treatment to keep the infection from getting worse. The doctors have said she has a very high chance of survival if she undergoes treatment for a few weeks more. The family is scattered here and there, in desperate search of funds. Her uncles haven’t slept in days. They have a chance to bring their little girl back home, and they don’t want to give up.

“In our village, we don’t have much to do. Ever since Padmini came into our lives, every evening has been about her. We don’t have children, but she never gives us a chance to sulk for that reason.  She dances, tells us stories and makes us laugh. Despite the hardships during the day, when we see her face in the evening, we can’t help but thank our stars for the beautiful life we lead! I'll do anything to save her!” – Krishna, uncle.

Her father suffered a severe brain injury 

Babu was returning home after work one day, when a speeding bike crashed into him. Having suffered a severe brain injury, he hasn’t been the same since then. His memory is not as sound as before, and he has lesser awareness of the happenings around. But despite all this, he’s shattered and hasn’t been able to rest ever since Padmini has slipped into a coma. With his friends and a few family members, he is going around his village, away from his daughter, asking for any money he could get. He wants desperately, to save her, and can’t stand to see her in this state.

They are a family of labourers and have exhausted all source of funds

The hospital expenses amount to 5 lakhs and the family is in desperate need of funds. Padmini’s two uncles and father are the only earning members for a family of 12. They are labourers who do farming and plumbing, among other things. With their daily wage being no more than Rs. 100-200 per day, the cost seems mountainous to them.

“The men of our house, work for daily wages. If they can’t earn one day, we must borrow money for food, for the following day.  That’s how it is for us. Till now, we’ve sold whatever little jewels we had and borrowed money from so many. We still need 5 lakhs more. It’s too much for us, and we see no way forward. Please help us. Without her, we’re as good as dead!” – Masthanamma.

The family is struggling to save their little girl. Your generous contribution can save her life.

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