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This Mother Nearly Died Saving Her Son Last Time, Now He's Sick Again

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The last time my son was in this position, the doctors told me I could give him a piece of my liver. They said that by giving my son that small part of me, he would get back to being happy and healthy like he used to be. I didn’t think twice, and immediately agreed. I almost died during the operation. But he lived.

Now, two years later he’s back in the hospital. And I’m begging them to take my whole liver, take everything from me, and save my son’s life. 
I don’t care if it does kill me this time, I just want my boy to live!

– Lakshmi

Nandan was just 6 years old when he first started showing symptoms of his condition. He had woken up one day with a high fever, and by noon he had started vomiting. A visit to the local doctor had resulted in a prescription for the flu, but when two weeks went by and his condition wasn’t improving, his parents Chandraiah and Lakshmi knew something was really wrong.

“By the time we brought him to a city doctor, he was barely eating, he had lost a lot of weight, and he was complaining of stomach pain all the time. I was already very afraid, but when the doctor did some tests and told us he had a dangerous liver disease that could kill him if we didn’t get him a transplant, it was the most scared I’ve ever been in my whole life…
– Lakshmi

Despite the incredible expense, these determined parents got their boy the transplant he needed

Chandraiah, Nandan's father, had to beg and borrow from all his family members, his neighbours, and his co-workers. It was a long and terrifying ordeal. With every extra week that it took him to put together the money, Nandan’s condition had only been getting worse and worse.

After two years of heavenly peace, this family is going through hell again

“Not only is the condition back, it’s worse. This time it’s affecting his brain too. He’ll try to pick up something, but his hands will keep missing. Sometimes he’ll begin a sentence normally, but then by the end he’ll start slurring. The other day, he started saying ‘Mummy, I’m scared. I think I’m going to…’ and then he went quiet. I kept asking him ‘Scared of what? Going where!?’ but… he was quiet all evening after that, just staring into space…
– Lakshmi, crying

Another transplant is the only thing that can save little Nandan now, but…

Chandraiah just cannot afford it again. His job at a petrol bunk doesn’t pay much in the first place, and on top of that he is still paying off the hefty interests from the loans he took two years ago. Without your help, this family will not be able to save their little boy.

Please donate as much as you can, and help bring Nandan home.
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