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This 12-Year-Old’s Parents Were Told To Let Him Die Of Cancer
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“The first hospital we took him to asked us to let him die of cancer. They refused to treat him and asked us to take him home because they felt nothing can be done. I was too shocked to say anything, but I couldn’t give up on my son,” – Gayathri, mother

Kishan (12) has been fighting blood cancer since January last year. Just when he completed his treatment and began recovering, his cancer relapsed. But this time, the hospital said there was no hope for him. Fortunately, Gayathri took him to Narayana Hospital where she was told that her 12-year-old son will survive with a bone marrow transplant. There is hope for Kishan, but his parents don’t have the means to afford his treatment.

‘Am I going to die, amma?” Kishan asked when he found he has cancer

“He didn’t have fever or any body pain before his cancer was diagnosed. He had a small swelling on his neck. One day we got a call from school saying he couldn’t breathe at all and he was being taken to the hospital. That day we found out he has blood cancer.”

Gayathri and Eshwar hid nothing from Kishan. They wanted him to be prepared for the long, difficult fight ahead of him. They told him about his cancer, but also told him that he is strong enough to fight this disease. The first thing he asked them was ‘will I survive?’

Kishan with his cousin

There’s hope for Kishan – his brother can save his life

Kishan underwent chemotherapy and had 3 more months of injections left. Unfortunately, his reports revealed that his cancer has relapsed. Now, only a bone marrow transplant can save him. Kishan’s older brother, Jagath, is a matched donor.

When he found out that he can save his little brother, he said he will do anything for him. He keeps asking when the surgery will happen. But we’ve already spent everything we had on his treatment the first time. I don’t have the heart to tell him that we can’t afford the transplant.”

Helpless and in debt, these parents can’t save their son this time without your help

Ever since his cancer relapsed in January this year, Gayathri hasn’t been regular to her job as a coordinator at a hospital. Eshwar is a carpenter and works only 3 days a week because of Kishan’s hospital visits and checkups. He earns Rs. 450 per day. Kishan has undergone 2 cycles of chemotherapy, but he needs the bone marrow transplant at the earliest.

We’ve spent nearly 25 lakhs in one year on his treatment. I borrowed from relatives, colleagues, sold the little bit of jewellery I had. I’m still more than 5 lakhs in debt now. His transplant will cost us 10 lakhs, and we just can’t afford it.”

The fear of death has now disappeared from Kishan’s mind. He is determined to fight cancer once and for all. He wants to go back to school and be with his friends again. Kishan can fight this deadly disease with your help.

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