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She Had A 2% Chance At Survival, But This Girl Has Been Fighting Back
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It’s the most scared I’ve ever been in my life, sitting in that waiting area outside my daughter’s ICU room. All I could think about was “2%”. It just kept ringing in my head.
“I’m sorry, Mr Trivedi, but your daughter’s organs are shutting down now. She’s in the end stages. She is nearly dead… just 2% left…”
That's what the doctor had said. And I kept thinking... 'How'? How was that possible? How could my beautiful, playful, funny, kind, daughter fit into such a small number? Just 2%?
– Maulin Trivedi, father of Khanak

Little Khanak had come home early from school one day last month, complaining of fever and tiredness. When regular medicines from a local clinic seemed to have no effect, her concerned parents, Maulin and Aarthi, took her to a bigger hospital where a few quick tests revealed something completely unexpected: their 9-year-old daughter had Dengue.

She is our miracle child

“We got married in 2003, and despite all our prayers we weren’t getting blessed with a child. We tried all kinds of treatment for 6 years but no results. Then, just a few months after we stopped the treatments, Aarthi got pregnant with Khanak. She’s our miracle child. And for the past 9 years, our whole lives have revolved around her.”
– Maulin, father

Their daughter’s condition got worse both rapidly and drastically after the initial diagnosis

In one week, little Khanak went from perfectly healthy to barely conscious and bleeding from her nose and mouth. She couldn’t breathe properly, she kept vomiting blood, fluid started accumulating everywhere in her body. All these pointed towards the rapid deterioration of her internal organs – her lungs, liver, heart – and it was predicted she only had a 2% chance at recovery.

But Khanak has been fighting back, despite the odds

“We keep hearing about children dying of Dengue. Sometimes it’s in other parts of the country, but sometimes it’s so close. We don’t want our Khanak to become another name on that list. Especially when she’s fighting so hard too! She now has full chances of recovery, if she gets proper treatment. With just a little help, she’ll come home happy and healthy soon!” 
– Aarthi, mother

Maulin works in a private company, and he did have some savings that were kept aside for emergencies. Also, the incredible men and women in his office pooled their own money for Khanak's recovery. But even putting all those together, he was basically only able to afford a few weeks of medications.

" I still need so much more money for her to stay in the hospital and get completely treated. I don't knwo what I will do...” -Maulin

You are this family’s only hope now. Contribute as much as you can, and help save little Khanak’s life. Every single rupee counts.

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