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It's Been Weeks Since This Cheerful 2-Year-Old Has Even Said A Word
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“All I want is for my daughter to come back to me! ICU is no place for a 2-year-old to be. It kills me to see the needles on her soft baby skin. I just want to carry her in my arms.” - Sangeetha, mother
A talkative 2-year-old baby Keerthi who loves singing rhymes, hasn’t spoken a word for the past two weeks. With numerous tubes and needles that are keeping her alive now, she’s fighting a severe case of pneumonia, all alone.

Keerthi was a happy baby until recently. She loves dancing and singing. She just wouldn’t stop. After her second birthday, things went downhill for Keerthi. She was diagnosed with a serious kidney disorder. Her hands and legs swelled up every once in a while. She got tired. Because of the sudden gain of weight, she had trouble standing and sitting all by herself. But she’s been under medication for the same, since January.

She gets urinary infections frequently - as if that pain isn't enough, she’s now fighting for life

” She always danced happily, even when the disorder crept in. Some days, she sat quietly for she had no energy. But she was back to normal in no time. She loves rhymes. She sang them loudly. So much, that we know all of them by-heart! The main problem was that, her immunity went down and she caught infections very soon!” – Sangeetha, Mother.

2 weeks ago, she had a high fever. Sangeetha and Mahendran gave her the usual medicines, but things only got worse. She was getting weaker and could barely talk. When she was rushed to the hospital for a review, she was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia and septicemia. Every passing minute, her condition worsens since her lungs are very badly infected.

What if my baby never wakes up? 

She never leaves my side. Sleeps on me, and follows me everywhere. Even when I have to use the washroom, she stands by the door asking me to come back soon. Now, my baby is all by herself, lying unconsciously. Why does such a small child have to face so much? Seeing her lying motionless takes my breath away. What if she never wakes up?” sobbed Sangeetha, helplessly.

She needs life support, till she’s able to breathe on her own. We're afraid if we'll be able to support her for long. We have exhausted all sources of funds.

Without the ventilator, it’s difficult for her to survive. Since her lungs are badly infected, she can’t breathe on her own.  But her parents are struggling to gather funds.

“I am a driver working on a contract for 13,000 a month. Since January, this is the 7th time we’re getting her admitted, and we’ve sold all our jewels so far. There’s not a single person we’ve not borrowed money from. We have no time to even worry about how we’re going to repay all of them. All we want now is for Keerthi to come back to us. We’ve spent over 2 Lakhs so far. We’ve run out of people to borrow from. How can we get the money, to save our little girl?” – Mahendran, Father
Keerthi is too young to be battling death. Your support can save her precious life.

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