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Born Preterm, Timely Treatment Can Still Save 6-month-old Baby Ganesh
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In January (2018), the doctor said that Ganesh needs a liver transplant strictly within three months. It's already March and he's running out of time. His health is slowly deteriorating and my baby is slowly dying. 

Jyoti and I got married in 2016 and within a year, in March 2017, we had our first child. Our baby was born premature, so we did worry a lot about his health back then too. But, it seemed that everything was normal and I was so excited and happy to start a family of my own.

I’m also an aspiring programmer and look forward to getting a good job, suitable to support my family too. Everything was going well. Little did we know that, 3 months after Ganesh’s birth, our lives would turn upside down.

Ganesh didn’t gain much weight at all. His skin started becoming yellowish in color and possibly, the most shocking thing to witness was that he was passing white and grey colored stool. Jyoti and I were frightened by now. What could possibly happen to a baby who appeared normal just a few weeks back?

We got some tests done and the doctors said that a liver biopsy needs to be done. After the biopsy, they confirmed that Ganesh had biliary atresia. I had no idea what this was but it was explained to me that his bile duct was blocked which increases his bilirubin levels too. Due to this, his liver was dying slowly. This was around June (2017) and we were devastated to hear this. Jyoti just wouldn’t stop crying.

Ganesh has been through so much. He wouldn’t be able to digest food at all. He would vomit so frequently. His abdomen would swell up because of the damaged liver and he just wouldn’t stop crying. His bilirubin levels were dangerously too high. His liver is dying slowly, which means he is dying slowly too. I can’t describe how sad and terrified we are. He is suffering from jaundice too. He would fall ill so frequently, and sometimes his fevers would be so intense that we’d have to take him to the hospital immediately. Now, Ganesh consumes around 6 medicines a day and antibiotics too, every day for the past 3 months.

There was a ray of hope though. The doctors performed a corrective procedure called Kasai. However, the operation was unsuccessful and a liver transplant became his only hope of survival. I earned around Rs 6,000 per month, at my previous job and I had to leave that job because I had to spend a lot of time taking my baby to the hospital.

I need to take him to the hospitals at least three times a week. For the Kasai operation alone, I somehow gathered Rs 2 lakhs. For all his treatments and medicines till now, I have borrowed from my relatives, exhausted all my savings and provided around Rs 5 lakhs. The liver transplant is around Rs 16 lakhs and I have no idea how I will afford it.

For over 6 months, we’ve been trying to arrange money. I’ve even applied to the CM Fund but haven’t got a reply. This January, the doctor said that Ganesh needs a liver transplant within three months strictly. His health is deteriorating every minute.

For a 1-year-old baby, he weighs just 6 kgs whereas a normal baby should weigh around 10 kgs. His weight is terribly low. I’m always worried about him. Where am I going to get the money from? There are just a few weeks left and he needs a liver transplant soon. I am the donor but we have no money.

I don’t even have a job and I’ve been looking to get one for 3 months. I’m so stressed. I just want Ganesh to get the transplant and have a normal life. It is what every child deserves.

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12-month-old Ganesh is very critical and his health is deteriorating every day. He needs a liver transplant within the next month but his father, Rajesh, who is unemployed, is running out of time to arrange funds for the transplant. He needs your help to save his son Ganesh, who has experienced nothing but pain over the past year.

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