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This Baby May Never Meet Her Twin Sister Unless She Gets Treatment
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“Every time I pick up my baby daughter, and I look at her face, all I can think about is her twin sister who’s still in the hospital, struggling to stay alive.  It just breaks my heart when I hold her in my arm, because my other arm feels so empty… I just wish… I wish my other daughter could come home too. That’s all I want in life now.  I just want my daughters reunited, happy and healthy,” – Samiksha

Samiksha and Sanjay have been married for 7 years, and have been trying to have children for the last 6. Early on, after a few medical tests, they found out that they were not naturally fertile; a discovery that was very distressing for the young couple.  But they didn’t give up hope, and over the years they tried many different methods of getting pregnant, of which all but two failed. The first time that Samiksha got pregnant… it ended in a miscarriage after just two months.

“When I saw the blood pouring down my legs that day, I instantly knew I had lost my child. After so many years of praying and hoping… it had felt like it was my heart that was bleeding. I started thinking I would never have children of my own...” – Samiksha

However, late last year, Samiksha got pregnant again.

“It felt like a miracle after the last time, especially when we found out that they were twins. We had almost given up hope by then. As the months went by, we were so happy, thanking God for each month without any incident. But then… in her 8th month… Samiksha was just sleeping in bed when her water suddenly broke. We were so scared. I took her to the hospital immediately, and the doctors rushed her in for an emergency c-section surgery. Our two beautiful daughters were born that day, but in premature condition... they were barely alive…” – Sanjay, unable to continue

Sanjay and Samiksha’s older daughter was 1.8 kgs at birth, and her twin was 1.3 kgs. After a week of intensive care in the NICU, their older daughter was discharged, but the younger one remains in critical condition. She is still on respiratory support, and needs 24x7 medical attention and care for at least another one or two weeks if she is to survive her premature state. But these parents cannot afford even one more day of hospitalization.

Sanjay is just a clerk in a bank, and Samiksha a housewife. Whatever money he earned went into fertility treatments for his wife, so they have no savings. By now they are already deep in debt, trying to afford the medical expenses which they have incurred so far in trying to keep their babies alive.

“We don’t know what to do, whom to turn to. We have no one who will help us. If you could help us in any way, please, please do. God will bless you and your family.” – Sanjay and Samiksha

All these two young parents want is to reunite their twin daughters, and live a simple and happy life as a family. Because of their financial limitations, that dream may be out of their grasp. Only you can help them now. Donate, and help make their dream come true.

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