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8-Year-Old's Liver Is 90% Damaged, She Needs Urgent Transplant
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"When we adopted Aisha, our lives were complete. Her biological parents didn’t want her. But when I took the tiny baby in my arms, at that moment, I knew she is my daughter. I wanted to do everything to give her a better future. She grew up so soon and started school. We were happy to see our daughter do well. But now I see her in the hospital. My little daughter is in pain, her stomach bloated due to liver damage. I never thought my child will have such a fate."- Hussain, Aisha's father.

In a span of 3 months, my little daughter went into the state of a coma 3 times. Every time she goes into a coma, I go through the agonizing pain of losing her. There is no hospital that can treat her in Kadapa, so I carry her unconscious body to Nellor on a train as I cannot afford an ambulance. All the way, I pray that my daugther should survive. With God's grace I could save her thrice but I cannot bear it if she goes into the lifeless state again, she may never open her eyes this time." says Hussain with teary eyes, Aisha's father.

Parents who love this adopted daughter are left devastated as she is on the brink of death

After marriage, Hussain and Shahina longed for children for 11 years. 8 years ago, they adopted Aisha just after she was born as the biological mother was grieving as she wanted a baby boy after 3 daughters. Hussain was overjoyed to be a father and brought her up as his own. The content of being a father soon turned into fear of losing a daughter when a few months ago Aisha's stomach started swelling.

"My daughter complained that she is not able to walk for long and my wife was also worried because her tummy was also bloating. I took her to Chennai for a checkup, there I was told that my little one's liver was damaged up to 90%. I was shocked and I did not understand what was happening around me. When I came to my senses, the pang of pain was unbearable. Telling my wife that our daughter is at the death's door was the hardest thing to do. I did not know how to console her when I was in the trauma." - Hussain.

Aisha's is running out of time and needs an urgent transplant to survive

8-year-old Aisha is suffering from Wilson's disease, a disorder that causes too much copper to accumulate in the organs. The extra copper had severely damaged Aisha's liver and it is affecting her brain. Her condition is very critical and she urgently needs a liver transplant, without which this child will not survive.

"My daughter who loves to read and write is now fighting for her life every minute. She cries day and night with terrible stomach pain. Her tummy is swollen to the size of a big ball. She is not even able to stand and the jaundice doesn't allow her to even eat. My daughter daily asks me "nana, will I go to school again? when can I write?", I break into tears answering her. I cannot see the pain that she is going through every day at this little age." - Hussain.

This desperate father is left with nothing to save his daughter

Hussain runs a small snack store in Kadapa and earns as little as Rs 5000 a month. With this minimal earnings he strives to make ends meet and he could never save a rupee in his life. He had borrowed the large amount from relatives and friends to save his daughter from near death. He has nothing left to save his loving daughter from the fatal disease.

"I wish I had something to sell and save her, for the first time in my life I feel dreadful for my poverty. The expenses of the treatment are overwhelming, We need 25 lakhs for her transplant. My daugther is a beacon of our life. Nothing matters to us more than her life. We cannot live without her, please help me save my little one," - Hussain.

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8-year-old Aisha is fighting for her life with a severely affected liver which is damaged upto 90%. Only an urgent liver transplant can help her from death. Every second is very crucial to Aisha. The couple who adopted Aisha and loved her unconditionally, cannot afford the expensive treatment that can save their daughter.

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