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Archana has a severe heart disease and is appealing for your help
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“My friends don’t want to be around me anymore because they think they will get my illness. Their family forbids them too. If I try to go play with or meet them, they are rude, call me names and tell me to go away. I feel so sad. Most of the days, I just sit at home and cry. I can’t even talk for long because I get breathless so easily. I don’t know what will happen to me.” – Archana

Archana at the hospital

Archana is a 17-year-old who lives in a village 6 hours from Delhi. For suffering from a severe heart disease that she has from birth, she is treated horribly by her fellow villagers. She also has a hole in her heart. Her condition worsens every day and only an open-heart surgery can save her life. Unfortunately, her father is a daily wage laborer and cannot afford her surgery.

Archana has a severe heart disease since birth

Until 2 years ago, Archana lived the life of a normal school-going child. Suddenly, she started falling ill regularly and had severe chest pains accompanied by breathlessness. Archana and her parents’ happiness was destroyed when the doctors told them that Archana had a complex congenital heart disease. Now, her heart is at risk of failure.

Archana's mother (left), Archana (middle) and her father, Amar (right)

Archana also has a hole in her heart. Her condition has worsened over the years and now her body simply doesn't get enough oxygen. She’s extremely weak and breathes very rapidly even if she’s only sitting. Her life is at risk unless she undergoes an open-heart surgery as soon as possible.

“I couldn’t afford her surgery 2 years back, I just don’t have the money. Since then she has survived on medicines. Now, her condition is terrible and I’ve been told that she will not make it without surgery. I just want her to live and lead a happy life.” - Amar, Archana’s father.

Now, Amar, who is also uneducated, is running out of time to save his daughter who needs an immediate heart surgery.

Archana is very depressed and her life has turned upside down

Archana, a class 8 student loved school. It was the place where she could be a child. She enjoyed drawing and her friends’ company. After her condition worsened 2 years ago, she stopped going to school. She is now extremely weak and unable to do any physical activity. Frequently found crying at home, Archana is very depressed and just wants to get better.  

“I don’t like to do anything now. After all the things people tell me, I don’t like to go out or play anymore. People refuse to be next to me. I have lost all my friends. We have no money and I feel worse every day. I feel terrible that I can’t even do any work outside or at home because I get breathless. It’s hard for me to even have a long conversation with any one because my chest starts hurting. I miss school and I want to go back and study. I want to get better.” – Archana, sounding very depressed.

Archana’s family has no means to support her surgery

As the 17-year-old’s condition deteriorates every day. Only an open-heart surgery can save her life. Residing in a rural village, the unfair actions of other people towards her are a blow to her mental health. It is only making Archana feel worse.

Amar Singh, Archana’s father, is a daily wage laborer who earns Rs 200 per day mixing cement for construction purposes. He’s only able to find work for 2 or 3 weeks per month. He’s also uneducated and is the sole earner in the family. He has no savings at all. For Archana’s visits and medicines, he borrowed Rs. 15,000 from his aunt.

“I’ve asked friends and other villagers for help, but no one is able to help me. I don’t even have money to buy a bag of blood if she needs it right now. I don’t know what to do, but I just want to save my daughter.” – Amar
The total cost of the open-heart surgery is estimated to be around Rs 3 lakhs. Amar simply cannot afford this and is racing against time.

How you can help

17-year-old Archana’s life has turned upside down in the past 2 years. She has a severe heart defect since birth. At risk of heart failure, her condition worsens every day and she is finding it very difficult to breathe. She needs an urgent open-heart surgery, but her father has absolutely nothing left to save her. He needs your support to save his daughter.

Your contribution will save Archana’s life.

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