3-year-old Arohi Has Only One Kidney And It Has A Tumor On It

Arohi D/O Rajneesh Meena, C-21, Shankar Vihar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

All was going good in Rajnish's family , a humble family of four members. Arohi was enjoying her early childhood like any other normal kid and family was feeling blessed to have her. She is a sweet kid full of joy and dreams. But fate took a wrong turn in year 2015.

She started falling sick frequently. After multiple diagnosis and investigations, Dr. revealed horrific news of her Kidney Cancer. This was devastating news for family. Both parents were broken but decide they will try everything for her. They are trying best to keep her alive. She isn't aware what is wrong with her. At this tender age, she has been operated thrice and one of the kidney has been removed. She is a brave girl and giving a tough fight to deadly cancer.

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Her father Rajnish is working in a private company on salary of Rs. 10,000. So far total Rs. 11 lakh have been spent by him since year 2015. He has already exhausted all available help. Now, in desperate need to keep his daughter alive.

Rajnish has another sad news, a month ago his eight year old boy also complained about pain and blood in urine. Doctor has diagnosed genetic Kidney Disorder that impacts kids in very rare case. As per Dr., his son's kidney may get impacted and need transplant in future. When the time to play and enjoy, both siblings are going for frequent Dr. Checkups.
There is hope that both of the kids can survive with timely surgery and medical assistance. But that needs lot of financial support.

The Hospital where presently Arohi is been treated has quoted 10 lacs cost for Chemo, Transplant and other Medical Examinations to cure Aarohi.

I appreciate if kind people like you come forward to help him . Any small contribution is appreciated and may help to ensure Aarohi see her fourth birthday.

Arohi love to dance and play with dolls. 

We at NDCHRC would like to request one and all to please support her and the family as the family is not able to arrange funds for the treatment and I am sure with our help she can get cured and can lead a normal life which she deserves.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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15th June 2018
Dear well-wishers and kind hearted Donors!

Here is an update on Arohi. A brave little girl who is just 4yrs now doesn't know what's happening with her. Since 2 yrs she is been only travelling to places for treatment and now finally is in Mumbai at SRCC Hospital for Children where she got her only leftover kidney operated and removed. She is on Dialysis and medication.

As per the doctor it is informed that for next 6-7 months she needs to be on dialysis which will be costing her Rs 45,000-50,000 per month and in between can find a donor for kidney transplant and transplant will cost around 5-6 lacs including her stay medication and other protocols.

So dear well Wishers and kind hearted Donors I request one and all to please help her in getting treated and getting her kidney transplant done. I know we all can do so kindly spread it to your links and known people and try to get as much as help funded for her. Together we can!

She wants to live a life and be like other kids so please kindly help her. Thank you.

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Get well soon..

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God Bless You!!!