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Fund Sagnik to get treatment for relapsed cancer,Neuroblastoma Stage 4

My son, Sagnik, is 2 years 3 months old. He was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV cancer on 30th August, 2017. He was treated in Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai and complted Chemotherapies and Bone Marrow Transplant(BMT). He was doing well but suddenly after 3 months of BMT, around 12th March, 2018, he developed a lump over his head. After further diagnosis, doctors confirmed that it has relapsed.
We further consulted with doctors and found that relapse treatment are not available in India.
However, since I was involved with different facebook communities, I came across different hospitals in UK, US etc, where relapse treatment is done. Me, my family and my friends are working to gather treatment details and hospital adress so that we can start next course of treatment as soon as possible. We have contacted several hospitals, organizations so that they stretch their healing hand to us. I will share further details once I get the treatment plan.

Now treatment in overseas is very expensive. Recently I talked to a doctor in Germany who said whole treatment will cost apprx. 0.5 million US dollar. However he extended his support and also thinking if part of the treatment can be done from India. Our treating oncologists are in touch with him and I hope soon they will figure out something. Once we get detailed treatment plan and written cost estimate, I will share them without delay. 
Now I am not the one who will step back for not affording the cost of treatment. I will explore each and every possible way and will knock every door to raise fund so that I can give my son a chance to live.
So, I really need your help and contribution for this mission. I am hopeful that together we can accomplish this mission. Please share my message to wider audience which will help me raise funds.

This is my kid when we was having his happy days:

This is now when he is spending most of his days in hospitals:
Cost Estimate from IPLC Hospital, Singapore
Cost Estimate from IPLC Hospital, Singapore
Cost Estimate from Germany
Cost Estimate from Germany
Invitation letter from Regensburg hospital
Invitation letter from Regensburg hospital
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10th June 2018
Dear Friends,

Thanks a lot for your love, prayers and contribution  for our little Sagnik.

we have finally been able to bring him back to his sweet home  on 10th June so that he can bid everyone a 'Good Bye'.
Yes it took time because of complex formalities and process to transfer human remains from one country to another.
I would take this opportunity to thank Indian Embassy and Consulate in Munich, Germany, TCS HR team from Kolkata and Germany.
Without their help, it would not be possible for me to arrange all these things.
We have completed the cremation. he is now playing in his own garden with his pillows and teddies and no one will dare to hurt him there anymore.

As I mentioned earlier, all the money we have received from this campaign will be further donated to similar causes.
Appreciate if you extend your help to find the causes for me. I have already started helping some families.

You all have shown your generosity for Sagnik. I would leverage the same to stand beside the families who are fighting against monster diseases.
You proved that nothing is impossible. All you need to do is try and we need to beleive that we can do it.
Today I am on a losing side. But I know we will be on the verge of winning very soon when our help and effort will save a family.
Each day we save a familiy, I will mark them as a date of glory. A day when we conquered over a monster. I will see my Sagnik on those smiling faces. And Sagnik will live forever.

So it is just a begining of another battle for me which I will fight till my last breath. And I know  I can count on you in this battle.

I wish all of you and your family a good health and prosperous life. You all are a magician and a champion.
31st May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Sagnik is no more.
He left us on (31st May) morning @8:50 am Germany time.

Today I have no words to say.
Once again thanks for the love, prayers and everything.

28th May 2018
Dear Friends,

Unfortunately our joy did not last long. I had to gather lots of strength and courage to post this update about my kid, Sagnik.
We are devastated now and completely broke.

After thorough investigation and blood tests, doctors showed us that Sagnik has developed numerous tumours and lumps in his body.
Tumours are everywhere starting from his head, eyes, lungs, liver. And lumps near ears, throat, armpit, legs.

With this situation, it is very late to start any kind of salvage chemotherapy.
We came here to start RIST therapy which is showing good results recently. But
It is too late for him to enroll for the same. Moreover they cannot even start any conventional chemotherapy to reduce the tumour load in order to start RIST. They feel that will be dangerous and cause death immediately. They did not expect so much tumours in his body. After their board meeting for 4 hours today, they couldn't not find any solution to offer us. They acknowledged that we have come very far for treatment and this is our last destination of hope and but unfortunately with so much tumours and lumps, nothing can be done. So we are planning to go back to India.

We were very happy when we travelled and landed safely in Germany.  We thought with all your prayers and blessings, he will complete this phase of journey like a fighter as before. We thought when he made this far, he will finish it off as well.

But the news came out as disaster for our life. We still can't believe this. We never thought that we have to leave empty handed from here. I must have tried harder to bring him here bit early.
It was beyond our imagination to collect the huge cost of the treatment and going abroad for treatment. Very few people can think of it. But still we did not step back and fought for it. And during that journey, we found generous people like you who shared our burden. A BIG thank you to all of you. Without you support, we could not make this far.

I will not blame anyone but me today because everybody has their own constraints but maybe I forgot my own limit. I am happy to accept my defeat because I tried my best which as a father I could do.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers, support and everything you did. You are real the real champions. Together we made impossible thing to possible. But missed by an inch probably. I hope from this failure, I could show some light of hope to other families who are fighting with this deadly cancer and maybe one day I will taste the success with their triumph over cancer.

Additionally, I would take this opportunity to mention that all the money collected will be donated for the treatment of cancer patients who have been fighting with this monster and in need of financial support. I have already contacted our campaign manager who will help me regarding this as soon as I receive refund of money from the hospital. I also welcome you to join us.

I may not get enough strength to share further updates about my little champion but do text/call me for his latest health condition.

BIG Thank You to all of you.

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