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Fund Sagnik to get treatment for relapsed cancer,Neuroblastoma Stage 4

My son, Sagnik, is 2 years 3 months old. He was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV cancer on 30th August, 2017. He was treated in Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai and complted Chemotherapies and Bone Marrow Transplant(BMT). He was doing well but suddenly after 3 months of BMT, around 12th March, 2018, he developed a lump over his head. After further diagnosis, doctors confirmed that it has relapsed.
We further consulted with doctors and found that relapse treatment are not available in India.
However, since I was involved with different facebook communities, I came across different hospitals in UK, US etc, where relapse treatment is done. Me, my family and my friends are working to gather treatment details and hospital adress so that we can start next course of treatment as soon as possible. We have contacted several hospitals, organizations so that they stretch their healing hand to us. I will share further details once I get the treatment plan.

Now treatment in overseas is very expensive. Recently I talked to a doctor in Germany who said whole treatment will cost apprx. 0.5 million US dollar. However he extended his support and also thinking if part of the treatment can be done from India. Our treating oncologists are in touch with him and I hope soon they will figure out something. Once we get detailed treatment plan and written cost estimate, I will share them without delay. 
Now I am not the one who will step back for not affording the cost of treatment. I will explore each and every possible way and will knock every door to raise fund so that I can give my son a chance to live.
So, I really need your help and contribution for this mission. I am hopeful that together we can accomplish this mission. Please share my message to wider audience which will help me raise funds.

This is my kid when we was having his happy days:

This is now when he is spending most of his days in hospitals:
Invitation letter from Regensburg hospital
Invitation letter from Regensburg hospital
Cost Estimate from Germany
Cost Estimate from Germany
Cost Estimate from IPLC Hospital, Singapore
Cost Estimate from IPLC Hospital, Singapore
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15th May 2018
Dear Friends,

I don't know how will I write this because it seems everything has stopped around me suddenly. Yes, this is not a good news that I am going to share today. A big blow or setback happened to us yesterday and I was very much afraid of this from the very beginning of this journey.

Sagnik has now lost the opportunity to travel. His bilirubin level reached to 22 compared to 0.3 to 1 as normal level, which means his liver function has impacted. Whatever he is taking orally or through NG tube, he is vomitting. Only saline is going to keep him hydrated. Platelets down to 13 compared to normal level 150.

Our doctors have been supporting a lot but they clearly said yesterday we should abandon the plan to go Germany now. Because if she gives him a flying certificate, she would lose her license. So you probably understand the severity. He has lost his strength and unable to fight with this anymore. He is left with few more days and doctors are asking us to spend more time with him.

Till date, I was adamant that no matter what we would still make it and everything will be alright because I know my champ very well. He always fights back. But this time I don't see him fighting anymore.

I always believed that with so much love and prayers, we would make our journey very soon. Probably we could if our Visa would have come early last week. But that also failed us. It came yesterday indeed but that didn't bring much cheer on my face.

This was the reason I asked them last week not to stop issuing our visa just for a bank statement of a fund because that fund will anyways be credited within 4-5 days (it actually was credited more early, last week Friday and thanks to our HR team for making the same possible).

Because I told them that I won't be able to travel by next week due to his degrading health. But nobody listened to me. Maybe they were bound to follow the 'protocol'. But who got benefitted? Nobody.

I just can't accept this defeat anymore. I cannot see all our hard work going in vain such a way at very last moment. I can't see my little boy running away from me saying 'Goodbye'.

I never believed in God but I believe in Miracle. Out of all these miseries, I still want a Miracle to happen in my kid's life. I still believe he will be alright. Because I never lose hope until it is lost.

I will keep you posted on his condition. Keep praying for him.

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