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For His 16th birthday, Nirmal Wants To Beat Cancer, And Watch Avengers
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    Nirmal Koshy Thomas
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    Nirmal Koshy Thomas

    from Vellore, Tamil Nadu

This year I turned 16. People say, ‘Sweet 16, what have you planned for this year?’ I say, ‘I plan on beating cancer once and forever.’ It has been 7 years since I met cancer. It was hate at first sight yet our relationship has only grown stronger. Cancer does not want to leave me, but you know how we get rid of strangers if they enter our home? Like that I want to get rid of cancer. I know this is the year I get to do that.

I did not even know about cancer before it gate-crashed my body

My name is Nirmal Koshy Thomas. Our family has been to hell and back in the past 7 years. We survived. We always survive. That is our strength. When I was in 4th standard, many many years ago, I started feeling bumps on my chest and neck. First, I thought I was getting pimples. Nobody gets pimples like these, so I told my parents. They took me to the doctor. I got so many medicines. Finally, at a hospital, I remember overhearing the word ‘Lymphoma’. I waited for months to find out what it meant. When I did discover about cancer, I got scared.

My father was in Saudi at that time. He would try to come visit me every month, while usually he came down only once in 6 months. My sister started being nice to me. Usually, she would fight with me. My mother would make everything I like. Usually, I do not get my way. Cancer may think it did something good for me, but I want to be normal, not a freak.

It has taken almost everything from my family, and I cannot let this happen anymore

I hated chemotherapy. Usually I feel so full of energy. When I get chemotherapy, I barely want to talk or walk or just be. In those years, I got a few cycles of chemotherapy and radiation. I thought I completely beat the disease. For a year, everything was back to normal – school, friends and home. Then, it came back.

We had already spent Rs. 50 lakhs for my treatment. When we asked for help, hospitals sent us to CMC Vellore. My mother stayed with me on hospital campus until she got an infection and was wheeled into surgery. She is a diabetic. The infection took most of her leg. She is now back in Kodancheri with her parents. At the same time, my father had to come back to India because he was diagnosed with liver and lung disease. He is on medicines. He cannot work anymore. So, he is here with me while my elder brother just started working.

Cancer thinks it has won but I can have a surgery tomorrow to get rid of it forever

My strength is my elder sister, Nimisha. She dropped out of college as soon as all these things happened to come take care of me. She keeps me happy, watches movies with me, and even runs around the hospital for whatever is needed. In fact, the doctor said I can have a bone marrow transplant. She is my donor.

I can feel cancer getting stronger and I am angry that I cannot watch Avengers at the theatre because of this disease. The doctor said I need this surgery tomorrow. I know how much my parents are struggling taking loans and begging everyone. A lot of people donated money to help us until now, but I know getting Rs. 25 lakhs in 24 hours is difficult for my family.

I want to live. Cancer cannot stay in my body anymore. I have seen so many people, friends from the hospital, lose this fight. I promised them I will live. Will you help me?
Nirmal is determined to win this battle after 7 long years. People have been kind to him, and a little more kindness can save him. Your contribution will fulfill his wish.

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