Help me make a film on a transgirl and her quest to become a teacher

 A coming of age film about a transgirl in India and her quest to become a teacher.

Campaign overview

I strongly feel that the Indian transgender community is at a crossroad, given that there is a greater awareness now, I believe with greater understanding and acceptance from their families and society, ‘Hijra’ (transwomen community) members will have more opportunities in a new India and modern world.

There are very few Indian novels or films that discuss transgender issues, let alone in a positive light.

My film will be an attempt to put transgender people and their stories front and centre. Transgender roles will be played by transgender people.

Who are the team members?

I (Mayur Katariya) met with the group of transwomen in Surat, India in Jan 2016 for a short documentary project; their friendship and stories have brought a very important dimension to this feature film project. Contracts have not been signed as yet, however the crew is anticipated to be Dean Lusk, Melbourne based cinematographer, Chryssy Tintner, Script Consultant, Sydney, two producers Ashwin Prajapati and Nirav Babariya, Surat, Aarti Kulkarni, Production Designer, Mumbai.

How and why are we making this film

We are proudly committed to producing this film where all transgender roles will be played by the transgender actors and non-actors.

I would love for young people in India who are questioning their gender identity to watch my film and learn that they can also pursue their dreams, and that there is support and new government provisions available. I also hope that my film would go some way towards helping their families and friends to understand.

It is believed that there are approximately 3 to 4 million transgender people in India – more than the population of small countries such as Moldova, Lithuania and Singapore.

Any positive impact on transgender people in India could also have an impact on transgender people in surrounding countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. I believe that now is the time to make this film, and I hope that it will be a small but significant step in the right direction.

And your contribution (of any size) will continuously motivate us to continue creating this film, 

The process

We’re planning a tight 40-day shoot with a streamlined crew in late 2017. We’ll have a cut by March 2018 to send to festivals for 2018, if all goes well. Then after 6-8 months at festivals, the film may go to digital platforms or a theatrical release in 2019. I also fully committed to make this film easily accessible to the transgender community and individual.

What We Need & What You Get

We require a total of INR 38,00,000 ($AUD76,000) to get this movie made. To date we have raised almost INR 13,00,000 ($AUD26,000) and we are asking you to help us raise the remaining INR 25,00,000 ($AUD50,000) needed to get us there. 

This money will be going towards:
  • Paying for our actors
  • Paying for our on set crew members
  • Paying for our post-production crew members (editing, sound design, music, colouring etc)
  • Equipment
  • Accommodation/Transportation/Location
  • Meals
  • Insurance and legal fees
Of course, we are hopeful that we will reach our goal with this campaign, but if for some reason we do not, rest assure that we will continue our fundraising efforts, and your contribution will be used ONLY for the purpose of making this film.

Risks & Challenges

I’ve either written, directed, shot, edited and produced at least 10 short films, but this is my first feature and it’s going to be an adventure. Overcoming unexpected challenges is a part of the journey of making movies. My team and I are ready for this journey!

Other Ways You Can Help

I am truly grateful for ANY size contribution, we cannot impress upon you enough the impact of a donation of any size. And in addition:

  • Please share on Facebook and another social media platform with all your friends (and foes).
  • Please give me feedback. I'd love to hear what you think of the project.

A little bit about Mayur

Mayur has been honing his art and craft by writing, directing, shooting, editing and producing 10 short films, 2 music videos and a few corporate videos. His latest short film as writer & director was accepted in 9 international film festivals. Mayur works as a Business Administration Manager, Monash University, Australia. He is a trained counsellor and an experienced mindfulness trainer. He also has a Bachelor in Engineering and Master in IT.


Picture from the day of interview shooting, Surat, Jan 2016
Picture from the day of interview shooting, Surat, Jan 2016
Insights of Mallika helped me a lot with script
Insights of Mallika helped me a lot with script
Pinky masi is the guru of Mallika, Aaliya, Khushi and Nikita
Pinky masi is the guru of Mallika, Aaliya, Khushi and Nikita
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15th April 2017
Dear Supporters,
Thank you so much for the contribution.
Each gesture of goodwill, each motivating word, each smile helps me and the team. This article was published in a popular Gujarati newspaper Sandesh on 9th Apr (Sunday) in City Life column / magazine.… (once on this site, please go on page 19 to see this article)

Thanks to Athira from Milaap for introducing me to a lovely journalist in Sandesh and helping with spreading the word - much appreciated!
14th February 2017
Extracts of the Level 3, In-depth script analysis by one and only Chryssy Tintner
In addition to this marketing analysis, the material has been discussed with an Indian actress who is a civil rights activist.  Nandana Dev Sen was a colleague of mine in America, who now works in Bombay and New York. Nandana’s father won the Nobel Prize for development economics, and she is deeply involved in legal defences for civil rights issues in India, though her focus is children and bride-burning related issues.
She wrote “The screenplay sounds unique, fresh, and powerful, though not one that I can confidently say would have a high chance of garnering a mainstream audience. That said, it could certainly do well in festivals and in arthouse audiences in India, and if made into a splendid film, could be a pathbreaking and defining film for the LGBTQ community. 
The topic of transgender folk is of growing importance in India, and there is huge discrimination and persecution, as well as sexual violence, so it's certainly a story that should be told. Just recently Manobi Bandopadhay, the transgender principal of a university who had apparently lead the institution quite well, was forced to resign because of bias against .”

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