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Field Partners

Become a Field Partner

Organizations seeking partnership with Milaap are subject to Milaap's due diligence and approval process.


  • Understand How Milaap Works.
  • Review the Screening section under Our Selection Process to understand the eligibility criteria

    If your organization does not fit the criteria or operational requirements, please check back with us again in the future when you do.

  • If your organization fits the operational requirements and minimum partnership criteria, proceed to step 2.

Submit Your Application

  • Please fill in all requested information with your most recent organizational data.
  • Ensure you have all the requisite documentation for initial screening: Registration document, Articles of Association/ Trust Deed, PAN Card, 3 year Financial statements and IT returns.
  • Once you submit your profile, you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt

Milaap reviews organization’s profile.

  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for our partnerships team to contact you.
  • If your organization is not a good fit, we will contact you with information on how to proceed.
  • If your organization is determined to be a good fit for Milaap's criteria and priorities, we will follow up with request for additional information.
  • Supporting documents include but not limited to: Audited financial statements, agency ratings/evaluations, funder evaluations, CVs, bios or resumes of key personnel, financial/portfolio reports, MIX data collection tool and strategic/business plan.
  • Please note that submission of these documents don’t mean an automatic selection

Milaap due diligence and approval process

This would include phone interviews and site visits as mentioned in Qualitative Analysis and Field Visits section under Our Selection Process.


  • If your organization is not approved for Field Partnership, Milaap will contact you with an explanation and recommended steps to approval.

  • If your organization is approved as a Field Partner, Milaap will work with you to finalize all partnership documentation and schedule a training session to use Milaap’s partner portal.

  • You can expect up to 6 weeks to finalize documentation and participate in a training session.

Welcome to Milaap!

  • Your organization will start with a Pilot Program to get accustomed to Milaap’s model and portal, as described in On-boarding section under Selection Process.
  • After a successful Pilot phase, your organization may begin fundraising up to your monthly limit via the Milaap platform!
  • Your Milaap Partnerships Manager will provide ongoing guidance and assistance during your relationship with Milaap.
Apply to become a Milaap Field Partner


  • What are the technology requirements for partners to work with Milaap?

    In order to work effectively with Milaap, a Field Partner must be able to take digital photographs of borrowers, upload loan information in English, have regular access to the phone and internet and speak and write English.

  • What are the benefits of working with Milaap?

    There a number of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Low cost loans: 50% (or more) cheaper than existing sources of capital.
  • Increased exposure through the Milaap website. Milaap's transparent online platform exposes your work to a global audience and other investors.
  • Validation Capital: Milaap’s unsecured risk capital may help you validate your model and raise additional capital from banks and financial institutions and other investors.
  • Borrower CRM: While most organizations have core banking and loan management systems in place, few have had tools to store and report the social data of their clients. Milaap’s partner portal provides you reports and dashboards to better understand your clients.
  • Sharing Your Stories of Change: Our team of communication specialists and filmmakers craft world-class videos of your impact, and your work gets to be appreciated on a global scale.