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Sukanti Baral
from SORO, Odisha

Purpose : To build a new toilet at her home

In Balasore, Odsha, lives a 41-year-old woman named Sukanti. Sukanti is married, and has a son presently attending school. It is in his future that Sukanti has put all her hopes on. She is sure that her son would great heights and is willing to help in any way that she can. At her home though, things aren't perfect. For one thing, there is no toilet and that bothers Sukanti. There is no safe and healthy place for herself or for her son to relieve themselves. So she is looking to find a way to build a toilet at her home. Only problem i...  Read more

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Mausumi Roy Barman
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To renovate the toilet at home

Mausami is 20 years old, and she knows everything that her family needs. And right now, it needs a better toilet. Living in a village within Dhupguri, West Bengal. She is happily married to a farmer, and is excited to start a family with him. But there is a problem within the household that Mausami is not very excited about. The toilet, turns out to be in a very bad condition and Mausami is not happy. She cannot just ignore the fact that there is no concrete roofing for the structure, or that the inner walls are unpainted and with no ...  Read more

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Chhuratan Nechha
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To help buy seeds, fertilizers and other supplies to grow paddy

Chhuratan is a 43-year-old woman. Although she is technically told to be a housewife, she is actually much more than that. While she does handle the household affairs of her home at Deogoan village in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal, she is also involved in her husband's occupation. Being a farmer, her husband is almost always at their farmland, where he grows different crops depending on the year and season. Chhuratan is a vital support for her husband when it comes to the farming activities. They are mostly into growing paddy...  Read more

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$ 55.04

Baijayanti Parida
from BBSR-Khandagiri, Odisha

Purpose : To expand her electrical store

Baijayanti is from Khurda district in Odisha. She is married and has children. She supplements her family incomes by running microenterprise at an individual level. She lacks the funds necessary to expand her small-scale electric business. You can her by funding her small-scale businesses. She needs a loan of Rs. 30,000, which she will use to buy the electric items necessary for her shop. She will repay this microfinance loan within 18 months in instalments. Your loan will help her enter into a profitable cottage industry trade. This ...  Read more

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$ 55.19

Meena Kumaravel
from Vedharanyam, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To expand her dairy business

Meena is a 31-year-old woman hailing from Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu.She is married .Meena has a household of 2 members.Meena is a very hardworking homemaker. She is keen on expanding her business of animal husbandry.Meena wants to buy a cow for milching. Meena is planning to sell milk along with milk products,such as, butter ,cheese ,curd ,etc. She lacks capital so she has asked Bharathi Women Development Center(Milaap's partner) an amount of Rs15000. Meena is thankful to her lenders Bharathi Women Development Center (Mila...  Read more

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$ 58.68

Dipti Barman
from Mekhliganj, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase paddy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for potato farming

Dipti is a 26-year-old woman, married to a farmer in the village of Mekhliganj within the district of Cooch Behar, West Bengal. Together, they raise two daughters, one in school and one still too young. The couple is mostly engage with farming a variety of crops on their small piece if land. With what they earn selling the yield at the market, they keep the family afloat. Now, Dipti and her husband are hoping to go a step further in their enterprise. Firstly, they have decide to cultivate potatoes at their farm from here on. This give...  Read more

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$ 59.63

Ashangbi H
from Sega Road Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To expand weaving business

Ashangbi is a 44-year-old married woman residing in the Imphal West district of Manipur. Her family comprises of 4 other members. The household monthly income is Rs. 10,500 and the expenses amount to Rs. 9,500. Naturally, Ashangbi is unable to buy threads. She has, as a result, applied for a loan of Rs. 30,000 from Chanura, one of Milaap's field partners. This loan amount will inevitably enable her to weave a greater variety of clothes. The family members will consequently be able to lead better lives. She will be grateful to you for ...  Read more

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Kunjabala Roy
from Maynaguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand cow selling business by buying more calven

45-year-old Kunjabala resides in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. She supports her family of 3 by running a cow rearing and selling business. She now wishes to expand this business by buying more calves and is hence seeking a loan of Rs. 25,000 from Milaap's partner - BJS. She thanks the lenders for their assistance....  Read more

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$ 64.31

Laxmi Jena
from MARKONA, Odisha

Purpose : To renovate the toilet in her home

Laxmi Kamala Jena is a 35-year-old housewife who lives in a village in the Balasore district of Odisha. Her family of 4 has been struggling without a concrete roof or permanent door for their toilet. In the monsoon season, water often leaks through the tin sheets they use for the roof and door. It, therefore, becomes extremely difficult for them to use the toilet. Moreover, the toilet has become unhygienic due to frequent water clogging. As a result, the family regularly has to deal with infections. They are forced to spend Rs. 1,000 ...  Read more

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$ 65.46

Girobala Ray
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : to expand her agriculture business

Girobala is a 26-year-old living in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Her husband is a farmer. She has three kids of which two go to school. The family wants to make sure all their children are educated and provide the best for them. To help her husband expand their agriculture business, Girobala has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 24,000 from BJS, one of Milaap's field partners. The loan amount will be used to buy farm supplies such as manure, fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. Girobala will be thankful for your support....  Read more