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Mahadevi has got relief from her stomach aches

Written by Mugdha Publish date 24-May-2018

Mahadevi Shendage lives in the Morab village of the Raybag district. She has three sons and she runs a small dairy business. She sells milk and other dairy products to the locals in the village. One of her sons is married. While her other two sons have finished their schooling and have started working on farms. She started facing sudden stomach pains about a one and half year ago. She consulted a doctor who suggested to operate. Mahadevi decided to take a loan to pay all her medical bills. The loan helped her conduct the operation right on time and also complete her medical course. She is completely healthy now. Even though she is not supposed to lift anything heavy and take a lot of physical stress. Mahadevi said, " I stay at home to help my kids. I look after my grandkids. I earn good amount from milk sales."

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