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Asanti resides in a family of 40 members

Written by Nuzhat Ali Publish date 10-Jan-2018

Asanti resides in a 40 member family. She said, “We all live in a compound. My husband has 8 brothers and we all live together. Though the cooking is done separately. But we are all united by hearts. Our entire family is into farming.” She had tons of grain in the backyard of her house. She showed me a threshing machine. She said, “This machine can loosen 25000 square feet of grains from husks or straws. The owner of the machine charges at Rs. 700 per hour including labor charges. The amount of grains generated is then divided equally among all the sons of the house.” They have around 8 toilets in the backyard of their house. She said “We all have separate toilets. Previously we used to go to the fields.”

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