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She's Watching Her Only Daughter Slip Away From Her, She Needs Urgent Help

“Her tears don’t seem to dry up...she cries continuously. And when she is tired, she just starts gasping and tears roll down her cheeks. I don’ t know how I can console her anymore. I feel helpless - my daughter is getting sicker with every passing day and no medicine can make her better,” - Reshma, mother of 2-year-old Swara.

For the last one year, little Swara has been suffering from a failed liver. Her stomach is swelling up and she runs a temperature for days together. The only thing that can save her now is an urgent liver transplant.

She holds on to my saree - doesn’t let me leave her side

Swara is only 2 and she is in a lot of pain. She doesn’t let her mother out of her sight. She is the only one Swara feels safe with. She holds her saree and tugs at her pallu when she tries to leave.

“I am the only one taking care of my baby and my ailing in-laws. My husband has to be out for most of the time, working. These days, he is running around trying to arrange funds for Swara’s treatment. I am struggling so much trying to take care of everyone and every minute I feel I am failing,” - Reshma.  

They have given us a time, they said any delay can kill Swara…

The doctors have told that little Swara needs a transplant by the 1st week of November. Reshma is the matched donor but they need 15 lakhs. Reshma’s husband, Suhas, is a sugarcane farmer in their village. He makes just about enough to feed his family and take care of his old parents. He doesn’t know how he can afford to save his only child.

“Reshma had already left to go home by then when the doctor called me to say that Swara doesn’t have much time. She needs the transplant in another 15 days. Any delay can turn fatal. But will I arrange for so much?” - Suhas, father.

With every passing minute, little Swara is moving towards death. Her swollen stomach doesn’t allow her to sleep, she is in constant pain. A small contribution from your side can save Swara’s life. 
Patient Swara Shinde is 2 years old, living in Pune, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Dinesh Zipre in Sahyadri Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver Disease

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