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Mother Of Three Left Paralysed By Rare Disorder, Spent Days On End In The ICU Fighting For Her Life

Nigar is widely known in her neighbourhood for being a kindhearted and dependable person. Whether it’s her own family, or someone in the neighbourhood, Nigar would bend over backwards to help anyone in need. Her compassionate nature didn’t stop there - she even took free tuition classes for underprivileged children in her hometown of Channapatna, Karnataka.

The 35-year-old lived a humble life, imparting knowledge, spreading happiness and touching the lives of anyone that she came across. So, it was shocking to see this young, vivacious lady suddenly lose her ability to move.

In a matter of 48 hours, the disease had taken over her body and left her paralysed

In 2018, Nigar’s body unexpectedly succumbed to paralysis caused by a dangerous disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, where the body’s immune system attacks the nerves.

“At first she had pain in her legs, but she didn’t think much of it. Then 2 days later, she couldn’t move her legs at all! It was a Monday morning, and she had to get her children ready for school. Instead, she was rooted to her bed, her entire body paralysed and her children watched in horror as she had to be carried into the vehicle and rushed to the hospital. They would repeatedly ask their father, ‘When will mumma come back?’” – Rahat, Nigar’s sister

Continued treatment was imperative for her survival

With medication and physiotherapy, Nigar’s condition gradually improved. Slowly but surely, she started moving her fingers and her neck. The mother of three had overcome the worst, but she had a long way to go before she could be released with a clean bill of health. She needed continued treatment to survive this deadly disease. During this time, her family, particularly her 3 children, became her source of strength and comfort.

Her eyes would light up when she saw them or heard their voices, but she could never express her thoughts. The children also missed their mother terribly. They were too young to understand what was happening, but each time they visited the hospital, they would tell their mother to return home soon. I know she was fighting with all her might so she could go back to her children.” - Rahat

Even  they were still falling short on her treatment expenses

Nigar’s husband, Asghar owns a small piece of land and earns just enough to take care of his family. Her sister works in a private company and has helped as much as could have. Her parents had also exhausted all their savings on her treatment. Together, Nigar’s family had spent well above 20 lakhs to start her treatment and keep it going.

At the rate that she was recovering, the family was filled with hope - until they were told Nigar would need a few more weeks of treatment. They had no way to meet the rest of her medical bills, and their hope was dwindling with every passing day.

She is standing on her own two feet today, all thanks to you

Nigar’s family turned to Milaap when they had run out of all other options, and millions of kind souls came together to help them. Nigar’s treatment continued smoothly with your unrelenting support, and she overcame her paralysis. Physiotherapy helped her with muscle strengthening and mobility, and soon she was back to doing all the things she used to before this disease took over her life.

“We are extremely grateful to every single one of you, who came forward to support my sister. You stood by us and held our hand through a very difficult time in our lives. Seeing her alive and well, walking around, and her children’s happiness on her return - it has been the biggest blessing for us. Thank you for making this happen, for bringing out Nigar back to us." - Rahat

Nigar and her family were fortunate that your help arrived before something bad could happen to her. But the bitter truth is that many people grappling with rare disorders do not receive the same help. Millions of people suffer from cruel symptoms such as restricted movement, weakness, debilitating pain, etc, due to which their life becomes a living nightmare.

If they do not get treated within a specific period of time, their quality of life suffers, and eventually they face the risk of death. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures. You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Rare Disease Fund, which will ensure that no person suffering from rare diseases is left behind.
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