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10yr-Old Could Bleed To Death Without Urgent Treatment, But His Parents Are Helplessly Poor

Most children are scared of blood; so is young Monish. But suffering from a deadly disease, blood is all he sees. He’s spent weeks now, with his nose continuously bleeding. When his nose isn’t bleeding, he suffers from bouts of bloody vomiting. Terrified and tired, he begs his parents to save him. 
The only thing that can save this 10-year-old now is an urgent bone marrow transplant. But his family can't afford one.

A happy child, until one day when he couldn't stop vomiting blood

When Monish was only 3 years old, his nose started bleeding. The doctors told his parents it was nothing to worry about. So, he carried on, with his nose bleeding once every two months. He was healthy otherwise, till…

“Having played all day long, he went to bed early that Sunday evening. He was happy! The next morning, he woke me up early and told me he felt like vomiting. I thought he was joking. But just seconds later, he started vomiting blood! Not wanting to scare him, I swallowed my screams and tears! Before I could carry him downstairs, he had vomited 3 more times…” – Tamilarasi, mother, breaks down.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors tried to stop his vomiting, but it only got worse. Only after extensive testing was the truth finally revealed: Monish was diagnosed with a severe case of aplastic anemia – a disease of the bone marrow.

Diagnosed with a deadly blood disorder, only a bone-marrow transplant can save little Monish now

Monish is suffering from a severe disease of the bone marrow - he doesn’t have much time. Without an immediate bone-marrow transplant, he will not survive.

He has suffered so much already. He vomits blood, or bleeds through his nose. We get him admitted. He undergoes transfusion, and gets discharged. Just hours later, the cycle begins again. It’s been weeks since he has smiled. Maybe he has forgotten how to? There’s only so much pain a 10-year-old can take. We’d do anything to put an end to his suffering, but…

A daily-wager, Devaraj can't afford his son's 20 lakh rupee treatment

Devaraj is a daily-wage plumber who earns no more than 7,000 rupees a month. With the pandemic, he hasn’t had much work and is barely surviving. The family has already spent over 3 lakhs in the past few weeks for Monish’s treatment. But they need another 20 lakhs, to get him the transplant that can save his life.

“If it was 20,000 rupees, I could have at least tried to gather it. Where do we go for 20 lakh rupees? Every rupee I earn, goes towards his transfusions and medication. I am aching to save him… but I can’t afford it. Please help me save my little boy…he doesn’t deserve this!”  - Devaraj, father.

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Patient Monish Raj is 10 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in ST. John's Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Severe Aplastic Anemia

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