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Helpless Parents Are Struggling To Save Their 4-Month-Old Baby Girl Who Needs An Urgent Open Heart Surgery

When Kavisri was born, her parents Chelladurai and Mageshwari were overwhelmed with joy. Little Sumithra (5) couldn't stop smiling whenever her parents said that she and her baby sister were so much alike. This happy parents were thankful for all the blessings in their life. Little did they know that their life would come to a standstill soon. Baby Kavisri is diagnosed with a dreadful heart disease and the parents are still struggling to come in terms with it. She is losing weight drastically and doctors have told that anything can happen to her at any moment without a heart surgery.

Baby Kavisri cannot drink even an ounce of milk without struggling for every breath

When baby Kavirsi turned 2 months old, she would just not stop coughing. Her parents thought that it was normal for newborn babies but were terrified when despite furiously pulling in air, she was unable to breathe. Kavisri is not able to feed in the same position for more than a minute. Mageshwari tries all possible ways to feed her baby, but all her efforts are in vain.

"There is so much congestion in her chest. She breathes rapidly and can hardly sleep. My daughter is suffering every moment. My elder daughter keeps asking 'What happened to her?' and gets scared looking at her. I feel terrible when she cries in hunger but  unable to drink even ounce of milk properly. How can a mother bear this?" - Mageshwari.

Baby Kavisri's heart disease can turn fatal any moment without an urgent surgery

Baby Kavisri is diagnosed with a heart disease - her left ventricle is losing its ability to pump blood, and very soon it may reach a point where the heart can no longer pump enough blood to sustain the body during various activities. This condition can turn fatal any moment without an urgent open heart surgery. She was diagnosed a month ago and now she is running out of time.

"We have never slept well ever since her diagnosis. We took her to several hospitals. We were even told to be prepared for the worse. We immediately brought her to Chennai. She was 6 kilos a month back, now she weights only 5 kilos. I can't bear to see her struggling so much at this tender age. My baby is relentlessly fighting but as a father I'm failing her every time." -  Chelladurai.

Despite all odds stacked against them, these poor parents are struggling to save their daughter

Chelladurai brought a small piece of land few years ago. He works day and night on his land to support his family. For the past one year, he is struggling to even make the ends meet because of poor rainfall. He was hopeful that he can somehow take care of all the needs of his children. He is completely shattered to know that he cannot afford the life-saving surgery for his daughter. Mageshwari has not stepped out of her house and she feels completely helpless. 

Baby Kavisri with her parents, before the diagnosis

"I have no strength to face anyone. My wife is slipping into depression, she has stopped talking. Whenever I get a phone call from my wife, I shiver. Every time I step out of the house , I fear that this might be the last time I see my baby. I'm borrowing from everyone I know but it nowhere close to the money I needed. Already a month passed, I don't know what I can do to get 6 lakhs that is needed for the surgery." - Chelladurai.

How you can help

Chelladurai, a poor farmer in Tirunelveli district is struggling to save his 4-month-old baby Kavisri. Baby has a dreadful heart disease that can turn fatal any moment without an urgent heart surgery. She is struggling for every breath and losing weight drastically. Her parents do not have anything with them to save her. Only your support can save their little daughter's life.

Your kind contribution can save 4-month-old Kavisri from deadly heart disease

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