10 Nonprofit Crowdfunding Ideas Only A Handful Of People Know | Milaap

Whether your organization wants to rescue animals, educate children, empower women, transform villages or save the planet, crowdfunding is your secret weapon to easily raise money for your cause. If you really think about it, there are a hundred different crowdfunding ideas, but only a handful of them are creative enough to grab everyone’s attention.

Although crowdfunding is a fairly novel concept to India, its popularity is growing and new campaigns are launched every day across categories. Nonprofits are in a unique position to leverage this method to raise awareness as well as funds for their cause. As for donors and fundraisers, supporting a cause can be a fun activity. You can motivate your audience to get involved in your crowdfunding campaign by including several engaging marketing strategies on social media.

Here are a few crowdfunding ideas that can work for your nonprofit
  • Simple Donation – Talk about your cause, and ask people to donate or support your campaign
  • Marathon – The champion runs for the cause, and all donations supports the champion's efforts
  • Matching Funds – A corporate impact partner matches every donation made, increasing
  • Bail Me Out – The champion will be placed in a virtual jail until (s)he meets the goal when they can finally be released. This engages and motivates donors to participate and fund the campaign.
  • Personal Thank You Note – Champion will record a special video for each donor with a message, song, dance or anything that is soul-warming for a contribution and post it on social media.
  • Talent Show – Campaigns that need funds for a talent show can encourage donors to vote for a winner via donations.
  • Reward Program – Every donor who makes a minimum donation amount set by the champion receives branded item like a coffee mug, tee shirt or a trophy to show the champion’s gratitude.
  • It’s A Wager – Champion pledges to do something out of the ordinary like the ice bucket challenge for ALS, shaving their head for cancer, etc., if donors help to reach the goal.
  • Quid Pro Quo – Champions pledge to provide a service in return for each donation like cleaning up the street, planting trees, etc.
  • The Hall Of Fame – Donors help champion reach the goal to compete for an exclusive (yet inexpensive) recognition-based reward or experience like meeting a celebrity sponsor.
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