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Rare Blood Disorder Could Claim This Bubbly Little 4-Year-Old’s Life, She Needs Your Help

“Despite suffering from this condition, she hasn’t once let it bring her down. She loves dancing and is always on her feet, laughing and smiling. I wish to protect her beautiful smile and innocence. I want to save her, I want to watch her grow up and achieve all her dreams. But, I’m afraid that because of my inability to afford her treatment, she will be taken away from me..” - Bhagvat, father

They didn’t know what was troubling their child for a long time

Yogita has been sickly since she was a baby. For over a year after she was born, she was in and out of the hospital several times, because she would have persistent high fevers that would reoccur in a matter of days. Her parents knew it wasn’t normal, but the doctors they consulted just couldn’t identify the cause of the problem no matter how many tests they ran.

“We didn’t want to go another day without knowing what was troubling our child. So, we switched to another doctor and he recommended that we get her tests done again, along with ours - her parents. I didn’t quite understand why at first, but the doctor told us that the results had confirmed what he had been suspecting - that our daughter had a dangerous and genetic condition, that was the cause of her fevers…” - Bhagvat

Diagnosed with a rare condition, she needs urgent bone marrow transplant 

Little Yogita suffers from thalassemia major, a blood disorder that causes a shortage of haemoglobin and red blood cells in the body. Since the day she was diagnosed, she has been undergoing blood transfusion every 15 days.

Yogita has been able to grow up as well as she has because these transfusions have kept her alive. But they are no longer a feasible option, and could do more harm than good in the future. The only thing that can save her now, is a bone marrow transplant and she needs it as soon as possible or life will be in danger.

Her older brother is a matched donor, but they cannot afford the treatment

“Her older brother, Mayank, learned of her condition very recently, when we took him for an HLA testing and he turned out to be a matched donor. He was happy and said to us, ‘Mummy, Papa, don’t worry, Yogita will be okay soon. I will save her.’” His words brought tears to my eyes. But, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him that even if he was ready to help, we were failing to save his sister because we didn’t have the money for her treatment…” - Maheshwari

They need your help to make the transplant available to their daughter

Bhagvat is the sole income earner in his family, and works as a daily-wage labourer at a loading dock. However, his job depends on availability, and hence his salary is irregular. On a good day, he is able to make INR 400-500 that is sufficient to feed his 5-member family. But on other days, the family struggles to make ends meet.

All these years, he’s been able to keep his daughter’s treatment going with the loans that he has borrowed from banks. 
He is already struggling to repay his existing debt. In this state, it is impossible for him to afford INR 10 lakhs for Yogita’s transplant.

Yogita has been given the green light to undergo this life-saving procedure, and the only thing holding her back is the lack of funds. You can give her a second chance at life with your generous support and contributions. Click here to donate.
Patient Yogita Nishad is 5 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in CARE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Blood cancer

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