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He Tries To Distract His Daughter From The Pain of Chemotherapy By Making Her Smile

“You can imagine it yourself - a 5 year old with cancer... going through all the chemo cycles and having injections on a regular basis... she always looks terrified. Her body aches and she is so weak that she can’t even get up from her bed without support. What should I tell her when she asks in her faint voice... ‘when can we go home?'” - Ramesh, father

Thaniksha is suffering from Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of blood cancer for which she needs painful chemotherapy. Unable to do anything else, Ramesh tries to at least make her laugh through her pain. He tells her stories and plans for trips to take her on after she gets cured. But inside he worries it may never happen.

We were afraid that it might be dengue but cancer? How did this ever happen?

For two days Tanu complained of having pain in different parts of her body, coupled with fever. The parents couldn’t understand why at first, and when they finally did it was devastating.

“We were afraid it was Dengue as it is on the rise these days but after the blood test results... we found out my little girl has cancer. I don’t know what to do to ease her pain.” - Bhargavi, mother

I want to be with her but soon I have to go back to work 

“Now I have somehow skipped work and managed... but soon I will have to go back. I will miss her smile and I … I don’t know how I will focus on my work. But every penny is important to save Tanu.” - Ramesh

Even if I travel and take up multiple projects I won’t be able to arrange such an amount

“My job gives an impression that I earn a lot but in reality I don’t. It is hardly enough to sustain till I get the next project, which might even take months. My savings and some of the money I borrowed... that is how we could afford the treatment so far but I am left with nothing now... how will I save my daughter like this?” - Ramesh

Thaniksha needs continued chemotherapy and injections for the next 10 months and further follow ups for 3 years. She won’t be able to fight the cancer without this treatment. 

“It’s been a month since she started taking the medicines and I can notice a little change already in Tanu. I don’t want this improvement to stop. I want her to get better and take her home. Please help us.” - Bhargavi, mother

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Patient Thanisksha is 5 years old, living in Telangana
Being treated in Little Hearts Children Hospital, Hyderabad

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia

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