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1-Year-Old's Stomach Is Swollen To The Size Of A Watermelon, He Needs Urgent Liver Transplant

One look at 1-year-old Ayan, and you will be taken aback at the sight of his swollen stomach. At the age when he should be crawling and learning to walk, he can barely sit up, or turn on his side while sleeping. He is in excruciating pain and the only way he can have a normal and pain-free childhood is with a liver transplant, or his damaged liver will give out.

He underwent a surgery at only 3 months old

Fighting sickness and constant visits to the hospitals should never become a part of anyone’s routine. But for little Ayan, who has been fighting for his life from the second he was born, this has become a normality.

“He was just a few weeks old when his condition was diagnosed and ever since then, the hospital has become my child’s second home. He had a Kasai surgery when he was just 3 months old, which failed, and every month since then, he is admitted to the hospital at least 2-3 times. Every minute of our life is an effort to keep our son stable. But now, his liver is failing and we are unable to do anything to save him.” - Asma, mother

He needs urgent transplant to survive

Ayan suffers from Biliary Cirrhosis, a progressive disease of the liver caused by a buildup of bile within the organ. It causes damage to the small bile ducts that drain bile from the liver. Over time, this has caused Ayan’s liver to fail. He now needs urgent transplant to survive.

“Ayan’s stomach has swollen to the size of a watermelon and he cries for hours due to the pain. We live in a constant fear that his stomach might burst due to the pressure inside. Due to his condition, he has no appetite and he is severely malnourished. No matter how much we try, he is unwilling to eat. Watching him suffer like this is killing us.” - Asma 

You can help

“I wouldn’t say I am poor, I am a middle-class man but my income is nowhere enough to afford even a day’s medical cost now. Every hospital visit that we make, the costs are equal to my one months’ salary. That's how serious my child's condition is. It’s getting harder to keep up with the expenses, and this transplant - it is way beyond my reach.” - Shamsuzzaman

Their son's liver transplant will cost these parents 22 lakh rupees and there is no way they will be able to afford it. But with your help, it is possible.

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Patient Tashin Zaman Ayan is 1 year old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary cirrhosis

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