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This Young Mother Can Do Nothing But Pray For Her Newborn Baby To Keep Fighting

Right now, there is only fear looming over at Sutapa's family. They don't understand how just a month ago everyone was celebrating her arrival, now everyone is waiting for one call from the hospital - a call assuring them that Sutapa is well now. 

Sutapa was born in the tenth month of Krishna's pregnancy. With blessings, she was perfectly healthy until the next day. After that, she started running a high fever and would not stop crying even for a minute. 
After admitting her to the hospital, they found out she has Neonatal Sepsis - a bacterial infection spreading in this newborn baby. 

I can't pick her up and hug her even when she is crying

"They told me, my mishti, is crying because has a severe infection. They also told me she will be fine. I have to feed her my milk and soon her infection will go away. But… but when I went inside I got scared. She had tubes on her body and her face had to be kept covered. She just keeps crying, I can't even hold her close to me or whisper in her ears - open your eyes Mishti, Ma is here now." - Krishna, mother 

Sutapa's infection requires immediate and long-term care in the NICU. Her temperature keeps fluctuating and she had even developed Pneumonia. Now while in care, the bacterial infection needs to be flushed out from her body else her organs will start getting affected. If they don't keep her in the NICU, the infection might spread in her brain too, putting her at risk of brain damage. Right now, all their attention is to keep her breathing and heart rate normal - which is only possible if she can afford the hospital stay. 

Pradip still can't go near his newborn daughter

Pradip was working as a farmer at a far off field when he got to know about the birth of her baby girl. Just when he was about to leave to see her, another phone call turned all his joy into sorrow. He knew they would need money to take her to a city hospital and so he took an advance and went to see her.

"When I reached, they told me I can't go near her and that I have to stand outside and see her through the glass. She had an infection. At that time, I just wanted to save my baby girl even if it meant not seeing her for weeks. When finally I could see her, she had those tubes attached to her and since then I haven't been able to sleep even once. They gave me a bill of lakhs from which 1 lakh was for her medicine only."- Pradip, father

Sutapa's aged grandfather has been in the hospital throughout to take care of them. It is their first child in the family and they just want to save her anyhow. They need 3 lakhs for it, an amount that is not possible with their monthly income of just Rs.5000. Pradip has no option but to still work daily even now when her daughter is fighting for her life. If he stops doing that, he will not be able to even afford her medicines.

These first-time parents need your help at this time of distress. They don't know how but they just know if they don't do anything soon, they will not be able to save Sutapa. She is just a month old and since then she has been in the NICU. Please help her recover soon.
Patient Sutapa shit is 1 month old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Kheya Ghosh in Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Neonatal Spesis

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