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They Sold Their Land In A Desperate Bid To Save Her From Cancer, But It's Not Enough

Sagarika hasn’t had a peaceful night’s sleep in months. Her 12-year-old daughter, Sunitha, is battling cancer and Sagarika is all alone in a new city, far away from home, trying to do everything in her power to save her daughter.

“But it’s getting more and more difficult with every passing day. Her health is getting worse. She wakes up in the middle of the night, in pain. She wants to go back home, begs me to take her away but my hands are tied. The chemo is her only treatment but where will I get the money to continue the treatment?” - Sagarika, mother.  

Those 9 months - was it all a mistake?

Sunitha has been suffering from a high fever for a long time, almost for 9 months. The usual medicines didn’t work. The parents were worried, they took her to many doctors in the suburbs, in the big cities, but none of them could figure out what the root cause was.
“She kept losing weight, her hands and legs were turning into sticks! We couldn’t waste any more time. My husband, Dilip, and I came to Bangalore hoping to cure our daughter. That’s when we got to know that Sunitha has cancer…” - Sagarika, mother.  

Living on an empty stomach is now normal for this desperate mother

Before Dilip and Sagarika came to Bangalore, Dilip sold his only piece of land so he could afford to cure whatever disease his daughter had. But...
“...We've nearly run out of money. And she still needs more cycles of chemotherapy! My husband is back at home, arranging for more funds, looking for help, taking care of our elder daughter who has her board exams soon. But even he is helpless. How much can our relatives help? They’re also poor like us…”  

Sunitha is responding to the chemotherapy but she still needs a few more cycles. It would cost them around 3.5 lakhs. That’s the price to take little Sunitha home. But her parents, her mother - they’re helpless. Only with your help, Sunitha can get better.

She is 12 but knows that she has cancer. She speaks to the patients near her bed and is aware that hers is a dangerous disease. But Sunitha is ready to fight - a small contribution from your side can save her life.
Patient Sunitha Ghosh is 12 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Shashidhar in Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Classical hodgkins Lymphoma

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