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College Dropout Invents Low-Cost Prosthetic Arms And Gives Them For Free

A few years ago, when Prashant encountered a seven-year-old girl born without arms, he was deeply moved by her struggles and the societal challenges she faced. Determined to help, he reached out to hospitals for prosthetic arms, only to be astounded by the exorbitant costs involvedWith the price of one prosthetic arm amounting to a staggering 12 lakhs INR, it became evident that many individuals were living without a solution due to financial constraints. This realisation became Gade's turning point, propelling him to take action and make a lasting difference.

Prashant was not looking at leading the rat race, he just wanted to use his education to make an impact

Prashant Gade pursued engineering with the hope of using his education to change the face of his country. But once enrolled, he realised it was all about passing and getting a high ranking job. Much to his family’s dismay he quit in his third year and decided to pursue a Robotics course. He took up a project to use this technology to invent prosthetic arms.

“Will you believe that every 10 mins there’s a new amputee in this country? More than 40,000 people lose their limbs every year and more than 85% of them… the exact number is 500,000 are still living without them as they cannot afford prosthetics. My entire aim of founding Inali was to help these people. To give them the dignity of their life back.” - Prashant Gade

500,000 people currently live without arms in our country due to lack of affordability

The Birth of Inali Foundation

In 2014, Prashant Gade could never have imagined the profound impact he would have on thousands of lives. As the founder of Inali Foundation, he has dedicated himself to providing prosthetic arms to those who need them the most. Gade's journey began with a personal quest for purpose and a passion for robotics, which eventually led him to create affordable prosthetic limbs. 

Driven by his newfound purpose, Gade made the decision to drop out of his course and pursue his vision of providing free prosthetic arms. Despite facing disapproval, he used the power of crowdfunding to secure the necessary funds. Working tirelessly, Gade developed a revolutionary model that could be custom-made and fitted for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. In 2016, Inali Foundation was born, dedicated to distributing free prosthetic arms to those in need.

“I remember fitting the arm for a lady, one day. As soon as she gained control of the prosthetic, she started crying. She looked at me, joined her hands and told me that finally, she can comb her daughter’s hair. In that moment, I knew I had met God. I feel so grateful that I have been shown a path by destiny where I can make such a positive impact on people’s life.”

That lady is 1 in a 10,000 of Inali’s success stories. Prashant and his team have been worked relentlessly to identify people and provide them with a free prosthetic arm. Getting this arm changes their life by providing them a source of livelihood, basic survival skills and a chance to fit in the society.
“Today, Inali Foundation is a beacon of hope for those who cannot afford prosthetics, with a mission to empower individuals and restore their mobility and dignity. We have distributed affordable upper limbs to those who have lost them in an accident or don’t have them by birth. Most of the patients of Inali foundation are people who could not afford any kind of prosthetics or any medical assistance related to disability.  The two variants of upper limbs that Inali foundation has distributed are simple silicon made cosmetic gloves and the Mayo arm. We at Inali Foundation are proud to say that the entire limb is manufactured and assembled in India.”- Prashant Gade.

Inali Foundation's mission is to provide free prosthetic arms across India and they really need your help

Inali Foundation's success stories are a testament to the life-changing impact of their work. A simple act that had been out of reach until then. Such stories reaffirm the profound difference that Inali Foundation is making in the lives of those they touch.

Expanding Their Reach To Uphold Their Mission

Inali Foundation's mission extends beyond its current achievements. They aspire to reach the remotest corners of India, organising free electronic-arm distribution camps every month. While sustaining the foundation by selling prosthetic arms at a nominal cost to those who can afford them, their focus remains on helping individuals who lack the necessary funds or access. To further their impact, Inali Foundation aims to establish a rehabilitation centre that will provide comprehensive support to both humans and animals.

Today, they have distributed over 10,000 prosthetic limbs across India, transforming lives and restoring hope. Now, they are embarking on a new mission to extend our support to paralysed animals and establish a rehabilitation centre for both humans and animals.

“At Inali Foundation, we believe that everyone, regardless of their species, deserves a chance to lead a fulfilling life. This year, we aim to provide over 1,000 prosthetic limbs for humans and 500 wheelchairs for animals. Additionally, we aspire to establish a rehabilitation centre that will serve as a haven for both humans and animals, providing them with the care and support they need to regain their mobility and independence.”- Prashant.

To achieve their goals, they need your generous support. The funds raised through this campaign will be allocated as follows:
  • Prosthetic Limbs for Humans: They aim to distribute 1,000 prosthetic limbs to individuals in need. Each prosthetic limb costs INR 15,000, which includes overheads and operating expenses necessary for developing a functional hand. The total cost for prosthetic limbs amounts to INR 15,000,000.00.
  • Wheelchairs for Animals: Animals who have been paralysed due to accidents deserve a chance to experience mobility again. With your help, Prashant aims to provide 500 wheelchairs to these furry friends. The cost of each animal wheelchair is INR 11,000, making a total of INR 5,500,000.00.

Additionally, the rehabilitation centre for both humans and animals would cost around INR 1 crore.

Your support can make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals and animals. By donating to this campaign, you become an agent of change and a beacon of hope. Together, we can empower lives and inspire a more inclusive society.

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