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13-Year-Old Boy Dreams Of Running Again But He Feels Helpless, Hoping His Life Doesn't Run Out Of Time

"It was November of last year that my son, who was always full of energy and smiles to spare, abruptly fell ill. His stomach was unable to hold the food, throwing up whatever we made him eat. He felt extremely sick and we rushed him to the hospital where the doctor ran some tests on him until he was diagnosed with a disease that threatens his life." - Abdul Majith, father

A boy who ran with the wind and smiled brighter than the sun is now lying listlessly as his body fails to protect his life against the rare disease that haunts his parents with fear.

Diagnosed with a rare disease, an urgent transplant is his only option for survival

The 13-year-old is diagnosed with Primary Hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1), a rare genetic disease where the body is incapable of metabolizing oxalate, a chemical compound found in foods such as spinach, potatoes, etc. The doctor has declared that he needs a kidney transplant within the next three weeks to save his life against his deteriorating condition. 

"My son is under dialysis with the doctor's regular supervision and takes medication but his health doesn't show much improvement. My elder sister, Laila, is ready to be the live donor to help my son survive. Yet, we are facing the worst of the obstacles - poverty. I see his aspirations shriveling with time, his passive eyes look so defeated. I try to console him, tell him that everything will get better and that people's compassion can save him. But how am I supposed to hold myself strong when the fear of losing him tears me up every time?" - Ratiyath, mother.

With PH1, the oxalate built up in his body led to severe damage to his kidneys and liver, and it was concluded that the boy would need a transplant for both organs.

Their circumstances have left them helpless to afford his life-saving transplant on their own.

Abdul works as a laborer with an irregular income, earning 350 rupees at most in a day. With this income, he supports the bare needs of his house, as his wife, Ratiyath, spends all her time taking care of their ailing son. They are in dire need of help to get the 13-year-old the transplant which is estimated to cost about INR 9 lakhs.

"So far, we have spent all our savings, begged, and borrowed money from anyone who could help us. We managed to spend around 12 lakh rupees on regular check-ups, dialysis, and medications. Now, we are left empty-handed with no more money to get our son the transplant and care he needs. He is our only child. Our hungry stomachs do not matter, it is only our son's health and his dreams that matter to us. Please…. if anyone could help us in these tragic times, your kindness is everything to us." - Abdul, father.

The 13-year-old loves running, playing with his peers, and sharing laughs with his family. For the past year, the boy has gone through all kinds of hardships caused by his disease, his condition leaves him incapable of attending school, his legs tremble and he feels utterly helpless. With your help, you're not only saving this boy's life but also promising him that even if hard times try to drown him, there will always be a hand that helps him to shore toward a beautiful dream.

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Identity of the child is protected in adherence to government guidelines.
Patient Son of Abdul Majith is 14 years old, living in Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Madurai Kidney Centre and Transplantation Research Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Kidney transplant treatment for Kidney transplantation

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