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8-Year-Old With Excessively Swollen Belly Could Lose His Life To Liver Disease, You Can Help

“Not a single day has gone by where he’s been able to live comfortably. He tries so hard to be a normal 8-year-old, but it is too difficult for him. I can see how much he yearns to be free from this suffering, but our financial inability is holding us back from giving him the life he deserves... ” - Kiran, mother

His stomach swelled up, and no medicines would work

It was a little over a year after his birth that Shreyas’ parents noticed that his belly was bulging out abnormally. Initially they hadn’t been that alarmed, but then they realised it was getting visibly bigger with each passing day.

“I can’t even count the number of doctors and medical specialists we visited in a span of a few days, hoping to find out what was troubling my child. But the medicines they prescribed had no effect on him, and only made the swelling in his tummy worse. At one point we thought he had been doing very well, but not even a month later, he started vomiting blood!” - Anil, father

His liver is damaged beyond repair and cannot function adequately.

From then on Shreyas’ condition only continued to deteriorate. The swelling in his stomach had gotten out of control, and the little boy was writhing in pain. The family was advised to take him to a bigger hospital elsewhere, and there they found out that little Shreyas was suffering from end-stage liver disease.

“I couldn’t believe the doctor’s diagnosis. I wished that it wasn’t true or that he was misdiagnosed, but all his symptoms made perfect sense. We were told that a liver transplant is his only option. Though we were prepared to do anything if it meant that my child could live to see another day, my hopes were crushed as soon as we heard the cost of this life-saving procedure.” - Kiran

Shreyas was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease that has caused his feet and stomach to swell uncontrollably. 

His condition has disrupted his life and robbed him of a childhood

All his life, Shreyas has only longed to be like other kids his age. He would watch his classmates in school, running about happily, while he could barely stand for a few minutes. He doesn’t have many friends because his condition has limited the opportunities for him to play and socialise.

He is constantly in pain, and his bulging stomach is so heavy for his little body that it weighs him down. My husband would go to school with him and he teachers would send him back home seeing him struggle. They would tell us to let him come in only when there was an exam. Even now, all he talks about is 'school'. He really wants to go back to studying and playing like he used to.” - Kiran

Debt-ridden and penniless, they’re struggling to save their son

“These past 7 years, I tried so hard to gather the required money for my son to undergo this procedure. I even borrowed from anyone and everyone I knew. But no matter what I did, I was always extremely short on funds. I’ve exhausted my savings, and spent every little rupee I had on my son’s treatment so far. I have nothing left now. I’m financially shattered, and neck-deep in debt.” - Anil

Anil is a mechanic at a relative’s garage, where he earns only INR 5,000 per month, while Kiran is a homemaker. Between taking care of the family and paying for Shreyas' medical expenses, Anil is grasping at straws to keep his family afloat. In this state, there is now way for him to bear INR 40 lakh for his son's treatment.

Without your help, these parents could lose their son to his damaged liver. Your contributions can help Shreyas get a transplant at the earliest. You can give him a promising future. Click here to donate.

Patient Shreyas Jaiswal is 8 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Athaayu Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver cirrhosis

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