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First Suspected For COVID19, This Baby Is Now Fighting An Equally Dangerous Disease

“He started coughing all of a sudden, a few days back. I didn’t want to think about it but the only thing that was going on in my mind was what if my son had the dangerous virus that people are talking about everywhere. And when 3 days ago, his coughing wouldn't stop, I became sure that it was the virus. Doctors in my hometown told us to rush him to Bangalore - his left lung had collapsed,” - Mahesh, father of 2-year-old Shreyas. 

They rented a car to come to Bangalore but couldn’t even pay the fare

A small farmer in Kunigal, Mahesh used to grow ragi. He never had much savings. The little he had, he used it for his daughters’ education. The family which lives from hand to mouth, was thrown off guard. When Mahesh was told to take his son to Bangalore, he didn’t know how. He borrowed from his neighbours and friends and rented a car to take him to hospital. But couldn’t pay the fare, the kind cab driver said that they would settle it later.
“It took us over an hour and the whole journey he was gasping for breath. It was as if he was trying to hold in the air, so that it would be easier for him to breathe. Radha and I had started crying - were we going to lose Shreyas,” - Mahesh. 

It was not COVID-19 but Shreyas was suffering from severe pneumonia

Shreyas was admitted immediately to the ICU. He is on ventilator support - for the last 3 days the little boy hasn’t opened his eyes. His parents visit him twice - once in the morning and once again in the evening.
“I keep calling him by his name, but he doesn’t open his eyes. I hold his hands and tell him that I am here for him, that I will take him home but...he still keeps his eyes shut. God knows the pain that he is going through! I can’t see him like this anymore...please help us,” - Radha, mother. 

Shreyas needs to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks. But Mahesh has nothing with which he can afford the treatment. The money he had borrowed is over and now he needs another 4 lakhs.

“We are sleeping in the canteen, we are sharing one meal so that we can share every little bit but 4 lakhs! It’s so much. My son is in the ICU and yet, here I am, unable to do anything for him. Now only you can save him,” - Mahesh.  

These parents are looking up to you to save their 2-year-old, even a small contribution will go a long away.
Patient Shreyas Gowda is 2 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in People Tree Hospitals, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Pneumonia

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