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1-Year Old Shivansh Suffers From 4 Heart Defects Since Birth, He Needs Surgery

"His breathing started slowing down and his entire body was turning blue as if someone had poisoned him. I got so scared, I called my husband in the middle of the day from his work. In the ambulance, we were both panicking because we couldn't process what was happening to our newborn baby. As soon as we reached the hospital, my baby was put in the NICU. His oxygen levels had dropped to a critically low range of 40 to 45. Had we been even a minute late, then our Shivansh would have collapsed in our arms." - Nitika, mother

After two surgeries, little Shivansh is awaiting his next one

Shivansh is suffering from a rare condition where he has four heart defects since birth. It happens when a baby's heart doesn't grow correctly. There is a hole in Shivansh's heart and his arteries are blocked in such a way that his heart is unable to pump oxygen-rich blood to the rest of his body.

Vivek and Nitika had just completed their baby boy's naming ceremony a day ago when this ill-fated incident struck their lives. Never in their worst dreams, they could have imagined that their newborn baby would be suffering from a Congenital Heart Disease along with blocked arteries. Not even a month had gone by after Shivansh's birth that he was lined up for three surgeries, leaving his parents devastated.

His father was terrified seeing his baby turn all blue gasping for air

"When my wife called me, she was panicking so much that I couldn't understand over the phone what was happening. I rushed because I feared for their safety but seeing my baby almost lifelessly turning blue in front of my eyes, terrified me. I had no idea of my baby's condition. After my wife's delivery they were both doing fine. We had just become new parents so imagine our condition when we were told that our son has multiple defects in his heart."- Vivek, father

This rare heart defect has stunted Shivansh's body growth as well

After his birth, Shivansh had a surgery for protruding nerves on his spine. Right after that, he had a surgery to insert a stent in his heart. But still, he needs an Open Heart Surgery for his blocked arteries to cure him of all the four heart defects. Vikas had taken a loan of 5 lakhs for the past two surgeries that Shivansh had undergone. He is still repaying his dues and is unable to get further loans till he clears his debts. Now, he needs 8 lakhs more to save his only son.

"Like every parent, I had saved as much as I could for my baby's future. Working as a salesman at a cloth shop, I had limited means but my dreams for him were not limited. Little did I know that instead of his education, I would be spending it on his medical bills. Its been a year since Shivansh's birth and till now I have only heard his painful cries. Unlike other kids who start running around this age, it hurts me immensely that my son is so weak that he can't even stand on his own feet without falling."- Vivek, father 

Vikas and Nitika have been struggling to see their newborn baby battle with this disease since birth. They did their best to cure him by exhausting everything on his previous two surgeries. Now, it's getting extremely difficult for them to afford lakhs of rupees again all on their own. Vikas is on the verge of losing his job too because he is at the hospital the whole day. They don't know what the next day will hold, but they are praying for a miracle as they don't want to lose their only child.

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Patient Shivansh Thakur is 1 year old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

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