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First His Wife And Now His Son, Cancer Threatens To Destroy His Family

Sandeep never expected that while his wife was being treated for cancer, his then 8-year-old son Shivang too would be diagnosed with blood cancer. Shivang was treated for cancer for a year, but despite timely chemotherapy, his cancer has come back, more malignant than before. While his condition worsens, his parents are worried for life.

“I take my wife to the hospital and quickly come back to take care of the children. They are too small for me to leave them alone. Despite how much we tried to hide it from him, Shivang now knows that he has cancer. Whenever he becomes very sick, he starts to ask me if he will die. I keep telling him over and over that he will get better – he has to believe it.” – Sandeep

Whatever his father may tell him, Shivang’s only chance of survival is an immediate bone-marrow transplant

As his blood cancer worsens, Shivang now needs blood transfusions every day. The doctors have stressed that he needs a bone-marrow transplant at the earliest. To prepare for the procedure, he has to undergo intensive chemotherapy to kill off his existing bone-marrow. The treatment is very harsh on the 9-year-old.

Shivang and his little sister before he became sick

“He can’t eat anything for a few days after the chemotherapy session. By the time he feels any appetite, or his stomach settles, it is time for another session. He has become very weak, and complains of pains all over his body. His mother and I are praying our boy can get a bone-marrow transplant at the earliest.” – Sandeep

Nothing prepared this family for these difficulties

Shivang became sick with fevers and pains in 2018. From then, he has been undergoing chemotherapy. His mother Pratima simultaneously underwent surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. News of Shivang’s malignant relapse has sent the whole family into shock.

“I have spent over Rs 7 lakhs in bills on Shivang’s treatment after borrowing heavily. I don’t even have the strength to count all the money spent on medicines. I am an electrician in a village. A good month was when I managed to get work for Rs 7,000. I want to desperately save my child, but I can do nothing but pray to God to somehow help us.” – Sandeep

Help little Shivang survive cancer

Sandeep is doing his best to make sure that both Pratima and Shivang get good treatment. He has moved his family to Nagpur for the chemotherapy. He is trying desperately to arrange for the urgent bone-marrow transplant that can save his son. His 6-year-old daughter is a good match for stem-cell donation. All they need is financial help that can save Shivang’s life.

Your donation can save Shivang.
Patient Shivang Sandeep Vaidya is 9 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated by DR Pankaj in NCI, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Blood Cancer

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