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To fulfil Her Granddaughter's Hunger, A 85-Year-Old Grandmother Used To Fill Her Stomach With Just Water

Vaidehi comes from a family of farmers, where she learned how important food is. Farmers are the ones who grow the grains and crops that feed us all, and they are very close to nature. This taught Vaidehi to appreciate the value of food.

When Vaidehi was in college, her father got very sick from a brain hemorrhage. This made their already tough financial situation even worse. There were times when Vaidehi didn't have money to eat and was always worried about her father's health. During this difficult time, a kind maid shared her tiffin with Vaidehi. This simple act of kindness changed Vaidehi's view on life and inspired her to help others.

One day, Vaidehi met an 85-year-old grandmother who had been abandoned by her son. The grandmother had to drink water to fill her stomach because she didn't have any food. Seeing the old woman's hands tremble from hunger was very painful for Vaidehi. She started feeding the grandmother twice a day and decided she wanted to do more to help people in need.

With her first salary, Vaidehi bought some food and made packets for the needy. She distributed whatever she could afford, and this was the beginning of "Mission Aahaar," a project to provide free meals to people who don't have enough to eat. 

However, there are many challenges. Mission Aahaar doesn't have enough resources, like proper transportation, to reach more slum areas. They also often run out of food to cook meals. Vaidehi gets many calls for help daily, and it makes her sad that she can't help everyone.

Vaidehi dreams of a world where no one goes to sleep hungry. To make this dream come true, she needs support to keep Mission Aahaar running and growing. With your help, Vaidehi hopes to continue changing the lives of many needy people for a long time.

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